Do most skateparks allow unicycles? Do any of you people go to skateparks often?

Depends on the park. If they allow bikes you’re in, but if not no luck. You just have to find one that allows bikes, they are real fun, also the bikers there give you good reactions

most skateparks don’t have doormen.
remember to be polite and wait your turn for lines.

Ya if its a city maintained one that you don’t have to pay just go. If you get kicked out then you get kicked out.(Just hope you don’t get a ticket.)


Yeah, we do it as a family about once a month or so. The sign says no bikes, but they go in there anyways, and so do we. Rarely a cop will come by and kick every one out, but no tickets so far. Public response has been consistently positive. No-one seems to mind, but we are very polite and courteous at all times, and give lots of room to others, especially small ones. It gets boring pretty quick though, which is we we keep it occasional. Sometimes crowds of people will stand around and watch, even though we’re less than mediocre by the standard of a lot of guys on this forum. Wear your helmet for sure.

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Even if there is a doorman and there are no bikes allowed, I’ve found that alot of the time they will let you in just to see you ride the place on a uni. I even got the $10 fee waived one time at a park in Long Island. I think it also helps to walk/ride up with all your pads on and a serious looking uni.

Buena Suerte Mi Amigo…or some crap.:slight_smile:

I went to a huge bmx indoor skate park once after months of waiting for the winter to go away…

Unis don’t really fit in…there’s only so much you can do in there…

but the people usually let you in if you ask’em politely…and try to go at times where there are few riders that way you don’t crash into anyone and bother the people for wich this park was built…

rampworx in liverpool, of which i was a devoted regular two or three years ago when i used to ride bmx refused to let me and my uni in because apparently they arent insured!! but i use an outdoor one near to me in plymouth regularly… its not great tho