Skatepark TRIP vid


EDIT: wrong link haha

cool!:smiley: that’s a good vid of bikes and unis gettin along together! i wish i had a few friends who unicycled like me!

Good video. Got some nice grinds in there. End got a bit drawn out, but editing was good none-the-less.

Very cool movie yeah, good editing.
Nice to see I’m in it afterall.
Well, to bad I didn’t send you mine 10 set bails :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice job Dustin

Peter M

Thanks, the video didn’t go as planned because of a foot injury on my side, so we only went to about half the places that I wanted to go and I ended up with a bonus section as big as the video, the last one was a bit shyte but I promised the guys I put it there :roll_eyes:

Peter, I’ll come over at xmas holidays and we can film some hits instead of bails!

Great vid!
I liked the grinds heaps.
What did that text say in english?

Good video! Nice riding, well edited!
But I didn’t like that “wannabe-fisheye-lens-effect”.
There’s no point of it, and everyone can se that
there’s no fisheye-lens… :stuck_out_tongue:

yes indeeDustin well good editting i really liked most of it great video all round really xxx

“i screwed my nuts on this handrail”

To be more exact: " I just tried the short rail over here, can’t get any children anymore.

Peter M

hey guys,

there were really nice skills especially the handrail grinds but also the trials lines! good job

i agree with fredrik, that strange fisheye effect is horrible. The music was ok.

Really good video. Where did you ever think of seat pushing down the 3 stairs? Haha, I liked the grind but would have loved to see more flip tricks and down or up sets.