Skatepark carving

I’ll go first… here’s a video from Saturday… me on my 36’er carving on small bowl sections at Venice Skateboard Park in S-Cali.

Video creds to MuniAddict aka UniGeezer

Would love to see any skatepark pics or videos that you might share.

We rode at a skatepark at a ride I organised earlier this year. I learned to ride up and out the top of a quarterpipe and 270 back in.

I ride at the skatepark alot, here are two videos with a bunch of clips from there.

How much of a carving sensation do you actually get on your 36"? Riding flat ground on my 20" freestyle uni I twist my hips from side to side and my feet just go for a ride on the pedals using little to no power. Does anyone know if it’s possible to carve/glide (feet off the pedals)? I imagine that would be very difficult.

Thanks for posting the vids Edd and Julia!

@waalrus… I haven’t even attempted a glide on my 36’er… have to get my chops back doing that on my 24" first. Would be very difficult in non-horizontal settings like a skatepark though.

That was my first time in over 20 years that I was in a bowl situation on a unicycle, and it was very low speed. I am looking to ultimately use the speed of a 36’er to learn to carve the walls… much more inclined towards that than to do freestyle-type tricks.

From what it felt like on Saturday, I think it’s possible… limited only by my ability to spin high revs (when descending from a carve).

I’ll post some pics of the skatepark I rode in Mtl, there is some skatepark missing tho:

Dave, I did notice that you were hitting the bowls at an angle, starting your turns almost immediately after the incline; I was hitting them almost straight UP and trying to “snap” the turn! You had the right idea and were getting a good smooth turn. I’ll be practicing very similar turns tomorrow on some man-made dirt woops! Many are even steeper than the bowls so it will be good practice.

If you do a google image search of “kenter woops”, there seems to be a few pics of me there. (#2,4,9,11, 29…) :slight_smile:

Terry… re:kenter woops… great idea! Dirt is by far the best place to start with this. It has a much lower “failure penalty”…lol. Is there a time of day (early AM maybe?) that we could go there without the risk of 2-wheelers landing on our heads?

I’ve been there several times, and on weekends when there are lots of bikes, but never had any conflicts. The fun thing also is getting some big air…at least for a uni.

There is nearly a continuous mile of the whoops; from small to huge. Some have “table tops” and others have sheer drop offs 6 feet down. They’re all made for long bike jumps from whoop to whoop, but on uni, it’s more of a fun “roller coaster” effect. I’ve taken my 24, 29 and 36er there and had a blast. Here’s one of the videos I shot there to give you an idea.

Got some ideas for my next coker video! Cool stuff guys.

First idea = come out west and ride with us!!

Gotta join you there sometime Terry. How often do you go up to Kenter? It’s right up the street from my daughter’s school.

It’s close to my regular MUni trail, Sullivan Canyon, but that trail closed a few weeks ago for Gas. Co work, and will not reopen until November.

So I’ve been going to Kenter once or twice a week just for fun, and I usually ride the ramps at least twice since it’s a pretty short run. I was planning on going this morning, but did a 18 mile beach 36er ride instead, due to the weather inland has been HOT! I may go tomorrow, but very early am.

This one is from about 2.5 years ago:

Found a really awesome skatepark in Long Beach, and it allows bmx/bikes on odd days. It’s open all day everyday, and free. Working on the bowl carving and it is tricky of your not accustomed to it, and the bowls are SLIPPERY as glass, and you WILL slip onto your arse of you don’t hit the walls with enough momentum! But I’m learning, and it’s really fun!

Here’s info about it:

I’ve done some skatepark carving in my day… and since I haven’t posted much on the forum lately, I figured maybe someone on this thread would enjoy my (old) video… or the ending at least, perhaps, haha - which was just as a much of a surprise for me as it will be (or was, if you’ve already seen the video) for you!

Anyway, here it is: