Skateboard Park on a Uni

We’re going to meet at a local outdoor skateboard park this Saturday. Hopping around. Riding the slants and bumps…

The sign says its for Skateboards and In-Line Skates only. NO BIKES.

Do we have a “leg to stand on” if the Park Police show up?

What’s our best argument?

Bikers are ______________
But Unicyclers are ___________

therefore, we should be allowed to play.

Re: Skateboard Park on a Uni

Seems to me that if it’s designated for Skateboards and In-Line Skates ONLY then you would need to come up with a plausible argument that your unicycles are Skateboards or In-Line Skates.

I have had the same dilemma when riding on the tennis courts near my home. There is a sign posted that indicates courts are for tennis only. Seems a bit exclusionary to me. I don’t do any harm. I don’t prevent anyone from playing tennis (there’s always at least one spare court). And the courts were built and paid for by the community (not just those who play tennis). Until there is a community “unicycle court” I will keep riding around on these tennis courts.

So far no one has expressed any concern. I suppose that if someone actually tells me specifically that I cannot ride there I’ll have to find somewhere else to practice. This is all going to be academic soon as the courts will be covered in snow and ice and will not be suitable for the type of practice I use them for.


I too love to ride my unicycle at a local outdoor skatepark. But i do not run into this problem or any for that matter because cops and other athorities generally stay away from skateboarders and inline skaters of all sorts because they dont agree w/ them and often are treated rudely so you probably wont have any problems at all. Unless youre not prepared to be made fun of by little ten year old jerks which i think most unicyclists willing to even go outside are prepared for.

-Have Fun

You have to simply do a easy trick (not to show off or anything) and something that doesn’t inconvenience yourself. this would be like a rolling hop, one foot riding ect. another option is to simply go over and talk to the kids. Usually they become much nicer when you’re right beside them :smiley: or they simply run away :thinking: another option is to simply idnore them. unicycling is waaaayyy cooler than walking/b**ing/rollerbalding/skateboarding anyways right???:wink:

Hey Memphis Mud,
You beat me to it. I couldn’t wait to get home and ask the forum this question and get their ideas / support / feedback.

Do any of you ride, on a regular basis, at skate parks? Our skate park in a suburb of Memphis (Germantown) seems like an awesome place to work on uni skills and get some great exposure for our club. However, I don’t really want the local Parks and Rec. folks hating us before we get started.

Do you suppose that there might be some insurance issue here?


I would suggest not mentioning your club when/if you get confronted about being there…

Why? Wouldn’t being in a local sport organization give more legitimacy to using the public’s park?

For the sake of the orginization… They would have some sort of grudge against a person, not anyone they meet doing something questionable. maybe im wrong here, but I wouldnt bring it up.

Re: Skateboard Park on a Uni

I ride at skate parks all the time, but these ones are not supervised and bikes
are allowed on them.


>I have had the same dilemma when riding on the tennis courts near my home.

so, take two rackets and a ball with u and should anyone decide to approach u, ask them if they’d mind a gamy of uni-tennis since your partner is running late

on the skatepark question i can only offer the age-old advice: it’s easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission

before i forget…

>The sign says its for Skateboards and In-Line Skates only. NO BIKES.

so get linguistic on their arses!!
bike is a well known abbreviation for bicycle. right?
bicycle stripped to it’s component parts gives u
cycle - wheel and
bi - two
that means the skateboarders shouldn’t be allowed to that riding on the front wheel assembly (or rear wheel assembly) only thingies they seem to like doing shortly before falling off because that places them on two wheels and as u can clearly see officer,…

confuse and conquer
(then divide the spoils)

It has been suggested that we invite the Parks and Recreation Dude to check us out. Germantown Govt is staffed by decent folks. I’m sure you’ve all found that most people are enchanted by Uniers. Noone frowns when they meet us. Especially when they see the kids (as young as 7) zipping around.

2ndly, we leave no trace (except the occasional DNA strand). Its concrete and steel. (I can’t see the prob with tennis courts either, unless the kids are tugging on the nets)

3rdly, we offer friendly fun.

I think as long as we stay out of the way of the occasional skateboarder, I think we’ll be fine. We need to understand that to perform in their sport, they need speed. They zip and fly around more frenetically than us. And might crash hard if we suddenly appeared. But if someone wants to gripe, I’d like to give name and Phone # of the Parks & Recr. official as proof its ok.

I will next lobby for the sign to read: “Only Skateboards, In-line Skates, and Unicycles”

Tommy, Now that I mention it, a sign would be a great mktg tool.

Oh, and GILD, you touched on my original implication: we are not BI-cycles…