skate style bike helmet

so i need a new helmet and i was looking at the giro xen helmet but thats crazy expencive for just a helmet :astonished: so are there any cheaper helmets that have as much ventalation and protection as the xen that you know of? :thinking:

and if you are wondering what the giro xen helmet looks like heres a link

$175!!?? :astonished:
Have a good look around and I’m sure you’ll find some decent helmets for a lot less than that.
What veered you towards that one, just out of curiosity?
Maybe this thread will help…

If you’re looking for skate helmet style head coverage you can try the Giro Semi. Giro discontinued the Semi but you can still find old stock. Froogle found this shop that has them in their catalog.

The Semi is constructed like a bicycle helmet. Foam with an in-mold plastic cover. It’s a single impact helmet, unlike the typical skate/BMX helmet that can take multiple hits. One good hit and you have to replace it.

Not highly ventilated, but it gives you the head coverage.

Just get a 661 Mullet. They look rockin cool and they are comfy and light.

Bell Metropolis. Suggested retail price is $70 US but I got one from JensonUSA for $56 US and free shipping.

661 Mullet, dirt cheap and unbelievably protective. And they have a garauntee so if you break it they send you a new one i believe.