Skate plaza-The event !

Hey everyone,

I just e-mailed the guys at the skate plaza asking them if they would let us run an event there. I told them that each and everyone of us could pay somewhere between 10-30$ since that it is a skateboarding plaza not unicycling and that of course we will leave tire marks. Now what I would like to know is : how much people would come ? I am asking because I am almost sure that they will respond to my e-mail asking how much people is going to be there. Also what do you all think is a resonable price to pay to ride such a place ? This could be one big and sweet envent if all of you people would participate. It is the greatest spot for street unicycling and I am sure that some trials riders could also find some great trials there too! So you all let me know what you think and maybe the event is going to happen.

i’d try my best to get out to one…
they’re freking tight. I want to go to one so bad…

Where is it?

me and my bddy would deffinatlytry to go but I think 30 is way to much to get in…but I would go for anywere from 10-20 but is it gonna be an alotted time? or a whole day thing? a whole weekend thing? we need more info

it’s in ohio… and yea that’s why I am asking you guys for a reasonable price…

I was thinking of doing something like 11-6 on a saturday and sunday

Anymore questiosn ? Comon guys… If I dont get more then that from this community well then the event wont ever be happening…

well taking into concideration it is a 2 day thing…people from out of town are going to have to sleep somewere like a hotel…so don’t make the entry price alot…but it is a 2 day thing so maybe like 20 bux for a weekend pass…would be reasonable…other then that I don’t think alot of people would go…but thats just me…

It would be awesome if we could sleep there. Bring some sleeping bags with and wind up not sleeping at all.

Yo Maxisback…keep us informed on when or if the uni comp is goin down cuz there are probably a bunch of people that will go…and you shoudl definatly talk to some companies and get some pros there…that would be tight!

im in

i’d go.

ya well… if I want it to happen I need a list of people that would be there… and let’s say that if I say yea 4 guys are comming well ill sortof get laughed at…

For those who wanted some info this is where the skate plaza is :
Kettering Skate Plaza
IndianRiffle Park
2675 East Stroop Road
Kettering, OH 45440

Also there is a Holiday Inn hotel 2.2 miles away witch is close enough to uni…Or drive/cab/bus for the lazy ones :stuck_out_tongue: