skate parks

how many of you go to your local skate park? and if you do,do you ever get cut off or told to go home or something? i know if i tryed getting int the indoor park by my house i woud get beat up and my uni trashed, if i tryed the out door one i would prolly get shot(the outdoor ones free so all them badass skaters hangout there). where i live and go to school kids dont lioke kids who are different and have to atleast make fun of them to feel good about them selves. how accepted is uni’ing where you live?

I haven’t been to a skate park yet, but pretty much everyone who has seen me unicycle around my neighborhood has not only been accepting, but also very impressed, even when all I’m doing is just riding, or dropping off curbs, etc.

Yeah I went to the biggest skatepark here in Ottawa and at first everyone there thought I was going to be getting in their way and such, but after talking to a couple people, making sure to never get in anyones way even if they were the ones getting in my way, and generaly showing that I could ride the park as well as anyone else (not quite but I was doing well for a unicyclist in their eyes), generaly people were nice to me. I got a couple who does he think he is kind of remarks when I got there but after a while a couple people wanted to try so I let them and we all got along fine.

As long as you treat everyone with respect and are relatively polite you should never have problems riding anywhere.

always ride skateparks… and when ppl say I get in there way I say they get in mine… and they usually shut up since Im doing soething bigger then them…

i go to my park ewveryday and nobody syas anything but " dude let me try that " and now 2 moore unicyclist on my town

That’s been my experience too. As long as you’re respectful you’ll have no problem at any park. Sure, I’ve accidentally cut off a skater or two during my park sessions but as long as you apologize you aren’t going to start any fights.

If anything be prepared to share your uni with other skaters. I’ve had lots of requests from people who wanted to try it… I’ve also got lots of questions and lots of applause when I bust a big move… moreso than anywhere else I’ve done any “street” riding.

I don’t know why you could possibly expect to get beat and/or shot for going to a park. People go to parks to have fun, not to look for someone to pick on. But if you’re really that paranoid, just watch the park for a while and see if any rollerbladers show up. If they get away with sessioning in the park, you’ll have no problem :stuck_out_tongue:

hah yeah if the fruit booters are safe than so are you.

people laugh sometimes. But if I talk to them they see how cool it is, and they see i could fight them. and win.

i used to skate alot before i got into unicycling with my mates, and the only main thing that annoyed u, was either, bladers who ran the whole skatepark and acted as if they owned it, or just generally ppl riding either skateboards, blades, bikes or ne form of transport at the skatepark, who werent cautious and looked out for where they were going, or wasnt respectful!

The skatepark is a shared public place for everyone to enjoy, and to enjoy it, evry1 needs to give respect and be cautious of others around them, and everyone in turn, can enjoy themselves.
But you do get the occasional gangster type ppl who act as if they run the park, but just keep out of their way, or if ur big and have mates then do wat u want :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :sunglasses:

My area is ok but in some parts it can get pretty ugly. I find that whenever I go into the City centre no-one says anything to me at all except for appreciation. Most people even try not to look and I’m not exactly a nasty looking guy!

Just as Ntappin said, if you ride respectfully -be careful of people, aviod pushchairs :smiley: and respond positively to comments- you will never have any serious trouble anywhere.

I have also noticed that the people that are most accepting and interested in out sport are people like skaters and anyone who’s remotely alternative.

Unijesse- Why not check these parks out with ur friends first and see if they’re really that bad. I don’t know what gun crime is really like in the US but that sounds a bit extreme.

i alwas skate at skate parks people seam to like the unusal around there just dont cut any one up youll be ok

I’ve ridden several skate parks in my local area, and also the stokeplaza, and have never had any real trouble, there’s a group who seem to think they own the skatepark in stratford but when you drop a 5 or 6 foot half pipe their repetoire seems to dry up. To be honest, being 20 I’m usually one of the oldest in the skatepark, and as we all usually ride in a group of atleast 3, all around 6 foot tall, maybe i’m not so suscepetible to uni hatred as others would be, so maybe my experiences aren’t universal. Also, it’s always the guys who hang out at the skatepark to look cool and shoot heroin that give trouble, genuine skaters seem to have a respect for someone being original and doing something which looks pretty damn difficult, I’ve had several occassions where someone’s asked to swap their BMX for my uni for a minute so they can try it out, I almost always say yes, not least because messing around on a BMX is quite fun.

Incidentally unijese, people don’t like people who are different EVERYWHERE, that’s what it’s like being 14, the thing is people change alot as they get older and mature, and the more openminded people seem to come together as they have something in common. Those people who have to take the piss are insecure and weak, they’re really not worth listening to.

Kington99 -Those people who have to take the piss are insecure and weak, they’re really not worth listening to.

Well said!

Whenever I get any nasty comments and I feel like getting into a fight-even though I might not win-I always remind myself that people that enjoy taking the piss are ovbiously not having a happy life.


i was kinda exaggerating with getting shot but actually the outdoor public park by my house people do go to pick fights and other things, but i dont know since the inoor one just opened there wont be a whole lot of people at the outdoor this summer. besides im not gonna spend 15 bucks when probably the only thing there i could use is a funbox and a stairset.

so true, so true.

I try to avoid talking to skate-boarders cause they’re a bunch of idiots but when I see that they’re talking about me I just go up to whatever it was they were doing and PWN them sooo bad… like on that ledge in my movie… I swear, skate-boarders NEVER do it cause they’re chicken…

I’ve ridden at a skatepark downtown around five times. It’s the one place I’ve found to ride when there’s snow on the ground, since it’s under a freeway and generally stays dry unless the precipitation is extremely heavy. Most of the skaters are too cool to see the unicyclist, even when he’s riding his giraffe, but I do occaisonally get positive questions or comments. Nothing negative yet.