...skate hall session

…yesterday we were messing around a bit in our little skatehall:


Good video guys.
Looked like a small but prety cool park.
Are you the guy with the striped KH?
If so, your 540 was sweet.

Peter M

…thanks…yes that’s me… yesterday was the first time i landed it! …and this in my age :wink:

very nice video!
Im jealous because you have so many other people to ride with, there is only one other person to ride with in my local area.

Count your self lucky. I do almost all of my riding on my own. I go to most of the meets I can and often go across to bristol (about 40 mins away) but apart from that Im on my own. I have taught a few friends to ride but they never come out so they can still barely hop. Any good riders that normaly ride solo that would like someone to ride with want to move to the south of england?

EDIT: Sorry for the threadjack, realy like the video, very energetic, congrats on the 540, some of those kids looked like they were riding 24":smiley:

…when i strated (2 years ago) i was zhe only one… but i started some project for teenager and kids… so now we’re about 25 around here…but i’m still the oldest…

i like the swiss german :slight_smile:

video was good too…looked like a lot of fun

+1. i’m from letchworth herts- where u at?