size of seatpost for si trials

how high should my seat be for si trials?
i am not ready yet for sif so i am doing si.
i hear that the seat should be right below your croch just standingnext to the uni.
is this right?

Did you not make a thread about seat hight already? Or was it someone else? There isnt a precise hight, just lower it or raise it untill it feels right. Eperiment, just like with tyre pressure, play around with it, take a bit off and ride with it for a while then take a bit more off, if it feels worse put it back to were it was and keep it there. Bare in mind if you take too much off when you go to put it up for SIF trials your post may be too short and you will end up having to buy another. I cant tell you what mines at at the moment because its at home but I think on my KH20 the top of my seat is about 90cm from the ground. Im over 6ft and pretty lankey but thats what I ride mine at for street.

yes i did make a thread like this,
however ppl kept asking me if i rode si or sif

So really, you should have stayed in that thread… :roll_eyes:

As sparky marky said, have it low… but experiment.

You either want it low or low-medium.



Not too low that it hurts your hands to jump though.

Good choice, SI trials is way more awesome dude.

If im riding SI Trials which I dont usually I like it really low…But I always ride my seat really low…its the way to go for someone whos 5 ft:p