Size of an assembled 36 inch uni?

Hi guys

I am moving house, and need to build a closet for my unicycles to live in the garden. I plan on getting a 36 soon, so I want to make sure that there is space in the cupboard. the problem is, I do not know how big a 36inch unicycle is once assembled.

So, what are the outside dimensions of your 36inch uni? I think that the 2.25inch tire makes the wheel diameter larger than 36 inches, and I am not sure what the height of the uni is with seat. I know the seat height depends on me, so I am just looking for an estimate. For reference, I am 1.75m tall.

Many thanks.

I’m a smidge taller than you and my 36 would need 127cm x 93cm and the width from pedal to pedal 43cm:)

Thank you so much! I expected the wheel diameter to be a bit more. glad I asked:)