size matters.

i was wondering if wheel walk tricks would be easier with a wider tire or skinnier tire, or any trick for that me wider seems to be the obvious choice, but im wrong all the time.

width doesn’t make a difference, but i found that it is easier on my 24" than on my 20"

width does too make a difference…

the wider the tire, the grippier it is. the grippier it is, the harder it is to turn. the harder it is to turn, the harder it is to correct sideways when wheelwalking.

It is easier for me to wheel walk on my 20" freestyle unicycle than my trials unicycle for precisely that reason.

sounds like a great explanation. very plausable.ill belive it.

its easier for me to do it on my trials because I tend to go MUCH too fast on a freestyle uni

I think that its easyer with a small wheel, on my 24’’ my legs feels to crunched up to ww.

A narrower tire is easier to do sharp turns, spins, and piroets (sp?) because of a sharper profile as well as less traction.

I think I read John Foss saying it was easier to ww on a 24 (more space to put his feet) and everything else was equal difficulty or easier on a 20, but it would take him a while to get used to either wheel size.

i don’t turn much when i ww, so i never noticed that, sorry.

if you have an EXTREMELY high seat and you are tall it is much easier to WW a 24"
but otherwise… 20 for sure…w/ lowish pressure.

When you wheel walk the tire will make a serpentine track on the ground even when you are going straight. That serpentine track gives you a little left and right movement that helps you keep your sideways balance.

A fat trials tire wants to go as straight as possible so the serpentine track doesn’t happen to the same extent as with a skinnier BMX style tire. Thus it is easier to keep your sideways balance on a BMX style tire than with a trials style tire.

When you need to recover your side to side balance while wheel walking you need to make a sharp and aggressive twist along with some body english to get the wheel back under you. It’s easier to do that recovery move with a BMX tire than a trials tire. So again the BMX tire makes things easier.