Size comparison Endomorph 3.7 and Big apple

Has anyone compared the size (rolling size i think it would be called, the diameter that meets the road) between a bigapple tire and an Surly endomorph 3.7? I want to get a 29" tire for riding (some light trails really) and I thought about getting a uni with a big apple tire but then I saw the Surly conundrum and I really like that endomorph tire. Is there much difference in the size of the two tires?

(I know the endomorph goes on a 26" rim but i think its close to 29" when inflated).


That would sound about right. My 26" muni with a 3" Duro tyre is pretty much exactly 28" diameter, so the 3.7 could be even slightly over 29".

I know that the gazz 26" tyre mounted on the Large Marge rim is bigger than a fairly slim 28", i think the endomporh and 29" big apple would be very similar sizes. The thing is, the endomorph is a lot more work at speed or over long diastance, it is heavy and has a large rolling resistance. I used to do alot of long distance swapping round with my friends between a coker, Nimbus 28 and LM gazz 26, the gazz is defnitely tougher to keep at high speed, if you’re only doing light trails get a kenda claw (tyre used on the KH 29) or something similar on a 29" and you’ll be flying along.

I may look at the claw tire as well. I think for the stuff I ride the extra suspension in the endomorph may be overkill. But I do like a cushy ride.
Thanks for the replies guys.