Well, it’s time to get the shingaurds, after an encounter with a couple stacked cinderblock edges and a slippery pedal. i have decided to go with the 4x4s to avoid similar incidents in the future. I also want some gloves that would absord the shock a little but mostly prevent lift handle blisters. I am going with the basic ones but I don’t know what size to get. I am 13 and I have normal 13 year old sized hands. I am also considering sending them a video, everyone’s stories are inspiring me to do so. I can pedal grab so i can almost grind. I can do 180s and 270s, the other day I jumped down a set of stairs and 180d and rode out of it backwards. Does anybody have any ideas that I could do with my video, something kinda simple, no crankflips, I can do big drops, like 7 ft. I am considering filming my video at the denver skatepark which is pretty enormous. So does anyone have any trick ideas that are impressive, difficult, but that I can learn by this weekend. And please don’t be maxisbackintownish and beat me down.

For glove sizing go to a local bike shop and try on some full finger mountain bike gloves. That will allow you to see what size glove fits you.

Full finger mountain bike gloves can be expensive. I buy all my gloves on sale. When I find gloves that I like on sale I buy a couple pairs. Full price bike gloves are too expensive.

Another option is to look at gloves for other sports or activities. Weight lifting gloves might be an option or auto mechanics gloves. Gloves designed for activities other than mountain biking can be less expensive and will function just as well for protecting your hands from blisters and scrapes.

Thenks john_childs, I went and ordered the shin gaurds and found some old open finger gloves in my closet. Does anybody have any advice on the movie making? Music was something I was thinking about, I pretty much have the tricks I’m going to do, I can hop pretty high, I can pedal grab, do 180s and some very big drops, and if I can i’ll grind, are there tricks that I’m missing?

how about twists or 180’s or even 360’s offa 7-foot drops?

For vidoes.
In skaking we did all that we could do. We did the best tricks we could. We did the lame tricks we could. We even sent them us falling down. Send them who You are not what you think they want. If they get who you are they want you. If they get who they think you are it only leads to heart break. You want a team your a part of, not to become a part of a team. (a little Mystery Men, I know, but the truth)

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Well, John_Childs always has good advice, but if you don’t like his glove recomendations, try this one instead.

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Yeah, or this one.