SixSixOne Race Brace opinions?

Hey, I recently got a 24" DX from a fellow unicyclist forums member (traded my 29" Nimbus with him) and got myself a Comp Knee/Shin armor from 661. I’m going on a little spending spree, getting myself a helmet:

a comp elbow to go with my comp knee/shin:

and for my ankles I was thinking this, because they don’t have Ankle Biters in my size anymore and I doubt they’re go well with my Vans Dunbar 3:

Anyone have any experience with the SixSixOne Race Brace? It looks like a PITA to put on but otherwise has anyone survived an ankle-pedal smack with these on?

Opinions on the helmet and elbow choices are good too—those two are going to be more for when I do freeline skating in the skate park up from my house, but they’ll be there for muni, too.

I’ve got my finger ready on the ‘order’ button unless anyone has something negative to say…