SixSixOne leg armour, Pi-bars New and Used

I have a few things I don’t need or won’t use.

SixSixOne leg amour, size small adult. Slightly used, $30.00, + shipping.

Coker Pi bar 1 brand new still in wrapper, and 1 used but in decent shape but does have scratches on one handle from a brake mount BO + shipping.
I have the seat post to low to use this on my coker or my 29er.

If you’re interested in any of it, pm me or email me I’m open to offers I’m trying to clear out some stuff I’m not using.

pi 1.JPG




New Pi-Bar sold (first pic), still have one Pi-bar (2nd and 3rd pic) and SixSixOnes. Please, if you are interested make an offer, they are all collecting dust. Thanks.

would you be willing to sell just one bar? preferably the scratch one?

how much for the used pi bar?

Pi-Bar all I have left is the scratched one. If you want, make me an offer.