SixSixOne leg armour, Pi-bar, Coker Seat...

I have a few things I don’t need or won’t use.

First is SixSixOne leg amour, size small adult. I purchased these from the trading post as unused and they have been used by me probably about 5 times if that. They appear to be in good shape, hopefully you can tell from the picture. I need a kid size (I guess) so if you have a kid pair and need to upgrade due to growth, I’d entertain a trade. $30.00 + shipping.

Coker Pi bar brand new still in wrapper, I bought it thinking I would use it but had to cut the Coker too short to use the handle. I’m showing the actual Pi bar in wrapper (1st handle bar picture) that you would be purchasing, the other picture is another one I have (just there to show what it looks like if it were together, MINUS GRIPS). There are no grips on the one for sale! Pi Bar goes for $50 + shipping new. I’m thinking $35.00 + shipping.

Coker Seat, purchased this as an extra (it’s poorly made in my opinion), missing two seat nuts (actually I believe one fell into the seat somehow) the seat is stapled on the bottom (it’s how it is manufactured, I didn’t do it) but even some of those are/seem loose. This has never been used but missing two seat nuts. Seat $15.00 + shipping.

If you’re interested in any of it, pm me or email me if you don’t like the prices, reasonable offers please and buyer pays shipping costs.

Sorry for all the pictures, just trying to let you see these.



coker seat 2.JPG

coker seat 3.JPG

coker seat 4.JPG

where could u buy the seat nuts at and do you know how much shiping to ohio would be for the seat

I don’t know I can check the local hardware store by my house. Shipping I’m not sure I think like around $12 FedEx I could check the post office probably around 8 through there.