Sixsixone leg armor question

There seems to be several version of sixsixone leg armor at this site:

Does anyone out there have a recommendation for the best one to get for unicycle riding? Some appear to be on sale which is nice.



I would say the 4x4’s because thats what everyone seems to use, the have good flexability and joint mobility to wear for long periodsof time and not be too much of a bother tho they get quite hot. i couldnt say about any other of the 661’s but they seem to be more oreientated to mountain bike racing, the 4x4’s save the back of your legs from pedal bites aswell, as i was reminded today, doesnt stop the bruising but id rather have a bruise than another 6" long slice that bleeds for an age.

EDIT: $20 seems very cheap mine cost about £40!!! wen i got them, they have them redesigned for this year whick look pretty cool, u want to ask people liek joe and sabin, who are sponsored by them

i love the basic 4x4’s. they do get hotbut i will take it for 20$


If you can find a discounted US website it is cheaper to import a pair (including the cost of p&p) than to buy one from you-know-who.

will soccer shin guards work for unicycling or do i need to buy some sixoneone whatevers?

I use cheap Walmart shin gaurds, but I’m just learning and don’t do any serious muni. For me the soccer type gaurds have protected me well.

But… at $20 these are a great deal and I be buying some tomorrow.

how do i clean 4x4’s

I have had some 661 4x4’s for a while and have found them to be verry good, i just have one question how are you ment to clean them?

I really appreciate all the advice from people out there on this topic of leg armor. I have learned a great deal about the subject. Blessings to all!


Re: how do i clean 4x4’s

Just throw 'em into the washing machine. Not the dryer, though.

I put on some standard volleyball knee pads backwards, so the pad covers the calf. Then a soccer shin guard for the front. For me, this works just fine, but I don’t do a lot of slippery log riding. I bought some Roach leg armor, but didn’t like the degree to which it limited my motion. The setup pictured here:

has worked much better for me, and has saved me a nasty calf injury several times.

OK. I have a question on the sizing. They have the very informative “small” “medium” and “large” and details on the size of the openings at the top and bottom.

How tight is the fit? If I can get a tape measure round my legs without too much screaming and squishing of flesh and the measurements match is that OK or will I lose all circulation once I start moving?

Jayne - looking forward to the day when she can ride the coker fast enough to need stuff like this.

the fitting information is for thickness of leg - that is not very important for uni riding. And they fit a wide range of leg thickness; unless you have very thin or thick legs they will fit.

From roughly 5’9" to 6’2" get large.

Re: Re: how do i clean 4x4’s

This works great except the velcro hooks tend to catch the armor’s fabric or other fabric in the load. My fix: cover any exposed hook side velcro with “scrap” loop side velcro before placing in the wash.

ive had my sixsixone 4X4’s for a week and a half now and i love them. they arent too hot for florida weather

same for me: I use 4x4 + karate padding backwards
sure this give me the look of a cricketeer but who cares;)


i am 6’1" and my legs are not that skinny, by this i mean i havent got chicken legs, and i find mediums fit me fine tho if i were buying again i would probably go large


I have the 4x4’s and they are great. They have saved my shits 100’s of times. I would highly recomend them.


large rocks for me at 6’2’’


5’9" and I wear large. Of course I am to calves, what popeye is to forearms.:smiley: