Sixsixone gear

Okay so as many of you don’t know… I’m starting trials this august. I’m getting a nimbus Isis trials green with a blue seat and red clamp :D. Don’t know if that will turn out good but I guess I’ll find out. Anyways I decided to buy some protection gear. I’ve decided to get the 4x4 as I see they are very popular here. Is this a good choice? How do I size myself to get the right size for me? I’m thinking large? Also, I hear they heat up pretty hot in the summer. Also, my main question is a helmet… I don’t know if I really need one as I have only hit my head once when I was just learning. What type of helmet should I get if any? What type do you use and where did you get it? I was thinking of buying a helmet off sixsixone. The two different types are skater and mullet style. Any recommendations? The mullet one looks good but I don’t know. Thanks in advance for answering my questions, I know I’m noob.;D


The 4x4s are nice, I have found no problems other than they make your legs really sweaty. There is a sizing chart on that will tell you to measure parts of your leg to find the correct size

Thanks for answering one of my questions. Can anyone help me out with,all the others I had. Thanks in advance!


I’ve never tried the 661 4X4s but I have some KH leg armor and it works really well for me.

As for helmets I used to have a skate style helmet but I never wore it because it was really hot. I switched to a bike helmet and its great it feels lighter and much cooler.

i got six six one armour, it works really well, it’s prevent pedal bite really well. umm large should do you fine :smiley:

Helmet wise I really like the ‘THE-Industries’ (confusing name!) F14, its a mix of skate and bike helmet. Very light and well vented and looks much better then a standard cycle hemet (IMO).

I have the 4x4’s and I really like them, although it is true that they can be pretty hot (or maybe it’s just me, living in almost always over 100 degree weather)…
…Summers in Arizona suck…

i have both KH leg armour and 661 4x4s. i would say the 661s are alot better. they have ventilation and are much more flexible then the KH. also i think they look better.

get the sixsixone helmet. im not being bias (r however u spell it) because im sponsored by them but there helmets just get really good ventalation. i loke the mullets style the best.:slight_smile:

I just tried the sixsixone 4X4 knee/shin guards on at my LBS and found them to be a little too hot (even inside the air conditioned shop) and the knee protection was too soft (imo).
The shin part looked OK, though.

I ended up buying a set of the sixsixone “Race” knee/shin guards -->

With their hard, CE, plastic they just seem a bit sturdier for impact protection, though they do make you look a bit like a Storm Trooper. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also picked up a pair of rollerblading wrist guards with the plastic supports on both sides. I plan to wear full finger bicycle gloves under them.

Now I’m trying to decide what to do about a helmet. I’ve got a bicycle helmet, but they don’t look like they offer too much in the way of side impact protection.

Maybe a skating helmet?

I ride 661s, but i prefer buying the knees and shins separate, more flexibility.

If you search 661’s site, there will be a sizing chart like the one below. As for helmets, either or really. They both seem to have the same amount of coverage, and actual impact foam. I mean, when your going with helmets, just find a style you like. As for if you go for buying another brand, look for something with a bit of coverage (why i like skater style), make sure it covers the lower back of the head (near the the top of the neck). And make sure you get the size right.

If you want an opinion, i like the skater style more, but entirely personal preference. A darker and flatter color will hide scuffs and dirt.


-Graham, 661 rider.