SixSixOne Core Cooler Personal Radiator

Well, I was away in reserve duty for the last month in the Negev Desert of southern Israel. (Very cool riding by the way. Off course I brought my KH24.)
When I got back home I had a new SixSixOne Core Cooler Personal Radiator waiting for me. I let it soak as suggested and then let it sit overnight. I then went for a serious MUni ride with it. It fits on comfortable enough. However it was not a really hot day. So I couldn’t test it to the fullest. It does seem to cool you down especially in the throat area where there are a lot of veins and arteries. I hope to try it out on a really hot day and update everyone.

Below is the place where I purchased mine from. They have a low price and gave good service.


That sounds great. What are the washing instructions for it? Seems like a reasonable price if it works well. Looking forward to another review when you are able to use it on a hot day.

Yeah i did wonder when i first saw these how well they would work. However given current weather changes i dobut I shall need one by next year.

That looks like a pretty “cool” item. I have never heard of such a thing before. How hot does it get in the Negev? Also, I would assume the heat there is a dry heat. I wonder how well this thing would work in a humid climate?

So on a hot day you put on this thing that weighs a pound and a half and covers some of your skin, then you ride a unicycle?

And then the heat of your body causes the moisture to evaporate, like sweat does?

its probebly more efficent but yes it probebly does weigh abit

I’m guessing the theory is that passing through dry air at a good speed causes entrained moisture to evaporate out carrying away heat. But on a unicycle would the airspeed be sufficient? And in a humid climate such as what I deal with much of the year would sufficient evaporative cooling be possible?

It’s an interesting device and I will wait to see if a large number of unicyclists adopt it.

Core Cooler Info

I actually rode with the Core Cooler in the Jerusalem Mountains. Quite Humid there. When you get the core cooler it is like a double layered peice of cloth with half inch diamonds sewn into it. When you soak the core cooler it swells and each of the diamonds is filled with jell. Some of it oozes out the stiching seams. Suposedly this jell swells by 5,000 Times when wet. Now after 4 days of drying there is just a little bead in each diamond of the cloth. I am sure that once the item is totaly dry I will not even be able to feel these little beads. The core cooler wraps around your neck and shoulders where there are tons of veins and arteries. It is supposed to be worn under your clothes so the wind probably has no efect on it. I think that it is supposed to work on the same priciple as an air conditioner. When mater changes states from gas to liquid to solid and back again huge amounts of energy are used or released. Steam is water plus loads of energy. Therefore when the Gel shrinks back in size and eventually turns back into powder it releases oodles of energy or heat. The core cooler did give me a cool feeling around my neck. I used it on a MUni ride. I will report back next time I use it on a Trials ride on a hot day. When Trials riding I jump more and therefore exert much more energy than MUni riding.


I might buy this cappilary cooler shirt next summer

I am so glad that the cool season is almost here. Maybe this idea of an ice water pumped shirt may be extremely heavy, it is extremely hot here ! :sunglasses:

More testing

Well I rode again today with the core cooler on. It was pretty hot today with no breeze. I must say that the core cooler does help. My long hair was totally soaked with sweat but I did not feel the heat radiating out of my chest and shoulders like I usually do when I start jumping up boulders!
I am quite happy with the core cooler purchase and think that I will be getting a lot of use out of it next summer!


Anyone have a lead on a current supplier for the L/XL size of these?

Finally found one of these on ebay.
It’s great, like having a perpetually cool, damp cloth draped over my shoulders (without any actual dampness).

I just bought my radiator yesterday. I’m already reaping te benefits of it. The dry Socal heat really helps this thing along. However it kinda feels like the collar of a flak jacket. The collar warmed up a little bit today, but it cooled back down quickly. 'm am imrpesed with it.[/I]

Yeah - I’ve gotten to take mine on several longish rides now.
It’s surprising to me how well it works even after a few hours.

Core Cooler Season Aproaching

My Core Cooler was in the closet all winter. By the middle of next month it is going to be very hot! Glad I have a Core Cooler. I have actually measured the amount of water that it soaks up. About a glass. Anyway I drink much more water than it soaks up and I don’t feel any extra weight when wearing it. The Core Cooler itself when dry probably weighs about the same as a wife beater T-shirt. It fits snugly around your kneck and shoulders so no extra weight is felt. If I was going to try and break a high jump record I would not drink or eat for two days, take a massive dump shave my head and go for it naked! That should take care of any excess weight! For just having a fun MUni ride or Trials session with friends we are not talking about that much extra weight withthe Core Cooler on.