sixsixone accepted me.

I sent a letter to sixsixone and some clips on saturday. On wednesday I gots a reply in my email and they sent me a contract for a level 3 sponcorship:D
oH, hows it go…uhhh id like to thank the lord, my sponcors…he he. But oh yeah, I do wanna thank Sabin, he told me the best way to send it, the correct way to write the letter.

Congratulations! Would you be willing to share some tip on how to present unicycling for sponsorship. What worked for you?

Also, what does a level 3 sponsorship involve?


What does a level 3 sponsorship means??

A free 661 t-shirt??

Nice discounts on 661 stuff??

Free 661 equipment??

Please give us a little bit more details!! :smiley:

Sorry, level 3 sponcorship is where you get 40% off all merchandise. as for sendin stuff, you go to there site contact, and there is an adress email an make a letter tellen who you are, how much you like there products, and that you would love to promote there company and the sport of extreme unicycling.

I sent a letter and a cd with some clips and a movie to them via mail on saturday and in the letter said what i listed before and a list o ways to contact me. On Wed. (today) they sent me a reply in my email along with a pritable versoin of the contract.

As for footy, send some of your biggest tricks perhaps a short movie, Try and be wearing some of there gear…

I didn’t even send them any footage, but I did get a sponsorship nonetheless.

Yeah they are less concerned about your skill and more about that you like there products and want to help promote them. They said that on your first order they give you some goodys, sticker kit keychain etc.

Awesome! So your level 3? I am also, so I hope they sponsour me as well. Congratz on getting sponsoured! :slight_smile:

congrats. the only thing I don’t like about 661 is a lotof people is sponsored by them

Congratz man!

I too wrote out a formally written letter including pictures of me riding with their gear. I would of sent a video but I don’t have anything to record with.

The discount really comes in handy, buying new shin guards is cheaper, the ankle biters I bought were cheap, and I soon plan to buy some shows from them, and the discount will help a lot on that. =p

if your talking about skill levels then no, cady is way higher than 3, and why did you bump this year old thread?

Yeah I wanted to say that 2 from bumping but thought I should leave it:p

Right after I posted I relised this was an old thread lol.

i was thinking of getting a sponcer… but what is the point?? i just get 40% off?? do have to do anything for them?? is it all just for rep. just to say “i am so good i have a sponcer” well still might get one just for fun. lol


Oh, you’d rather buy stuff full price?

Lol yeah Back then I was level 7. But I dont really ride freestyle and more, I prefer Street, Muni, and Trials. Like a 360 unispin down a 3 set. Or riding down hills that I cant even walk up lol, Or hop 30 inches onto a rail…but661 is really easy to be sponsoredjust give it a shot. Ohh and my name is Cody.Where did Cady come from, pretty close though…

i need to get better myself until i can get a sponsor…

When did you do that? my house?


Sponcer Spenser!

Wait, I saw you in the NAUCC info booklet, it was a Bedford Factory ad, that was cool…

Yep. That was me.:slight_smile: