sixsixone 4x4's

I’m considering buying a 20" summit to replace my current 24" sun which isnt bad for a beginner. But recently whenever I fall off the pedals hit my shins really hard and i want to get 4X4’s. Is there a way to avoid hitting my shins a lot?(besides just being more careful) Should I just tough out the wounds until i can get a summit? (this summer) Or should i delay the summit and get 4X4’s. Thanks.


I think this is the normal progression:
(1) beginner- many small injuries, wear armor
(2) sport- few injuries, dont need armor
(3) expert- some medium injuries, wear armor
(4) pro- possible big injuries, wear armor

edit- these levels above are arbitrary, i just assigned each separate step a title.

So as you learn, you will fall a lot and will make some scars that’ll last a long time if you dont wear armor. Then, once you learn how to ride and get smoother, you wont fall much and you still wont be doing that big of stuff so you can get away without wearing armor. But then, as you start doing bigger hops, bigger gaps, more technical freestyle tricks, you will start hitting your shins again. Then as you get really good, since you will be doing very difficult and risky lines or tricks, you risk major injury despite being less likely to fall. you will wear armor just in case.

Get some 4x4s. you can get them for 20 USD as or something like that, i dont remember. you will probably wear them for a while, put them down for a while, then pick them back up in a year or so, depending on how fast you progress.

YES! instead of getting a new uni i am definitely getting new armor. about 45 minutes after i made that post i was practicing hopping from a 6 inch curb and i fell. i also need to wear gloves at this point so i dont get gravel in my hands when i try and save myself. Im accident prone

that is an interesting progression by the way