Six unicyclists take on six hour Pukete Spaghetti race.

Race report and photos here. Check it out!


That’s a pretty cool race format, and great represent’n of big wheel muni’ing!
Thanks for sharing Tony!

Cool write-up and a great performance for you personally, Tony. 7 laps! Sick sh!t there, bud.

Yeah, sweet job. 7 laps; insanity!

I would probably do a lap, but that is with a 20"

Thanks heaps guys!

There are a couple more photos of us unicyclists on the race’s webpage now.

There are now results available, though they aren’t all that easy to interpret. The top bike team rode 12 laps and the top bike solo completed 11 laps, compared to my 7.

Great write up and pics, looks like it was a fun day. Congrats to all the uni guys who rode in the event, and to the MTB club too!