six six one sale

Check out these prices on 661 gear. The elbow and knee pads look good for someone who wants protection without too much restriction. They also have the leg armour for $20 (look in the lower left corner of the page). Here’s the link:

I got my 4x4’s from them the other day. They were cheap, got here quickly, and when I had a question, they responded almost immediately. I couldn’t find leg armor this cheap anywhere else.

that is pretty cheap

Speaking of 661, I am now sponsored by them!

Re: six six one sale

I have a 34" inseam. Will these 4x4’s be “long enough” for me?
Do they protect the calf well?

Re: Re: six six one sale

They don’t offer much calf protection and I imagine they’ll fit you.
I’ll bring a pair to jugglefest Saturday and you can try them

How did you get sponsored?

Well, I emailed them saying that I would like to get sponsored and I told them what I could do as far as uni trials and bike trials. 2 1/2 or 3 weeks later(today) I received an email saying “Welcome to 661…” and had a contract and stuff.


Oh…well what do you get for being sponsored?