six in the city

Hi! This is my first post here, so I’m not sure if I’m posting in the right place or whatnot, but I was handed a business card asking whether i wanted to take part in a cycle ride through london in June just before my birthday. The majority of the cyclists i’m sure will be on two wheels, and the route has been planned so as to be cycle friendly, nevertheless it will be through the streets of london and it will be six miles.

I was just wondering if it would be foolish of me to even attempt it on my unicycle (i’ve a 24 inch dodger) which I’ll have had 3 weeks on tuesday.

I’ve been able to ride into town and back (1 mile) on it and into the next town on it and i’m feeling fairly confident about being able to ride it- i guess my main worries are that i’ll be left behind by my bicycling companions and getting caught in the traffic.

It is an organised ride, so hopefully everyone will be nice to me, but I was also wondering if there would be any concerns which anyone would think neccesary to raise before the ride and perhaps any tips on how to train for such an event.

ps, if there are any uk cyclists about please give a shout- it’d be cool to find some other single wheeled riders locally (in the herts area)


Welcome to the forum! So ur new to unicycling then altogether? Id suspect so because 6 miles is more than do-able on a 24" uni. You just have to be confident u can do it.:wink: Id say go for it! Ive done close to 15 miles on my 24" Muni (Mountain Unicycle if u dont know that already).:slight_smile:

Thanx- I feel v. welcome here!!

thanks!- i’ve been watching some sick (really cool) vids with people like chris holm and xavier and really heavy muni and trials riders and i’m so stoked and impressed, when i went out into town with my younger brother on his bmx, i couldn’t stop saying to myself 'i have to save up to get fatter wheels, stronger forks, heavier pedals and all that, ‘cos that stuff is too mad to not have me in on it!!’:smiley:

i used to skateboard, but this and that stopped me, then my parents wouldn’t allow me to ride bikes, so i did the logical thing… and i’m so pleased i did!

Nevertheless, the videos on are so hot, i’m going to have to be extra extra good with my money so i can be freeer with my cycling, because I know my dodger will not withstand the stuff that i’d like to try, plus 24 inches may be a little difficult for some tricks (even though for distance it probably works out better- that’s why I went for a 24" to start off with:) ).

Hey, it’s real nice meetin’ you- whereabouts are you from? Do you go conventions and stuff- perhaps we might bump into each other in the future!!?

anyways, thanks- I feel a lot more confident- I shall continue my training (basically getting about everywhere on my unicycle!!) and extend my ventures further afield, hopefully being able to improve my stamina in terms of riding to places at reasonable speed- i’m figuring on riding to the next major town which is about six miles away tomorrow, just breaking it up into bits if i figure it’s getting too difficult:)


yep…once u see kris holm and all them pros u r hooked! go to and look at the dvd and vids. If u go there Defect, universe2, Into The Thunder Dragon, and One Tired Guy are all great vids (i have them all). They have the craziest riding out there on those vids.

U can also go to and see some more of his vids. Also if u need tips or want to see yet more vids go to, or…i think there the same sight anyway.

Hope u get better…so…get out ther and ride!:wink:

back to the original question: 6 miles through a city with bicyclists on a 24 incher…probably not a great idea. i’d try a 29er or even a coker(36incher) to even is not be able to keep up, to come much closer, especially if not everyone is an experienced/fast bicyclist.

just an FYI it ‘kris’ with a K not a ‘ch’

6 Miles shouldn’t be too bad, though you may want to try it first… my seat starts feeling a little chaffy after a couple miles straight :wink:


sorry, trials uni thanks for the pointer:o

6 miles on a 24" pahh! easy… i ride 6 miles to my brothers house up and down hills on a 20" uni no problem… i live in a valley. it is all ups and down. cities are pritty flat like… i think you could do it no problem butty