six flags

anyone ride there this monday, cause im going, if your gonna be there. im gonna run up and steal your uni while your working


You won’t find any uni riders there riding any more. PM caw89 to see if he is working on Monday. Below is from a post in another thread.
See this

this just came out yesterday.

Maybe next year…

Hope you can make it to the UNi roundup.:slight_smile:


Yeah, Cody and I will be there but I won’t be riding. I went through orientation and everything and I showed up with my stuff this morning and they told me that they got an email saying that I can’t ride at the park now because I am 15. Monday is the last day for all the amassadors there.
My job now is to follow cody around and hand out braclets and maps and crap like that.


seriously, what are we talking about

lol, you didn’t see the other thread

Cody and I aren’t going monday anymore. If you want to ride with us we will be riding at the Santa Clarita skatepark or some elementary school.
Cody says you can call his cell phone if you want to come ride with us. His number is (760) 963-9632.