Site near J27 M1, Notts

Just north of Junction 27 on the M1 in Notts (that’s south of Chesterfield/Sheffield, north of Nottingham/Derby) I have often noticed a huge artificial (?) hill (possibly a spoil tip) with an off road track which winds up and down it. It’s on the east side of the motorway. It’s often used by 4X4s and Moto X bikes at the weekend.

I finally found out how to get there today, and took the MUni. if anyone wants directions, ask.

However, it was most disappointing. The downs were steep but not in a challenging way. The ups were too steep to ride at all. The acrosses were very samey - rutted, but basically straight and uniformly bumpy, if you see what I mean.

Also, with it being one huge lump in the ground, I felt like a fly crawling across a dead cow. Nothing to explore, no choice of routes.

No fun at all. So, if, like me, you have passed this place often and thought, ‘One day I’ll ride there,’ my advice is don’t bother.

Brought to you by Mikefule Rider Research Project.

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HI Mike,

I am originally from Alfreton in derbyshire (J28 M1) and am heading back up to my parents for easter.

Where is this play dome? Is it worth a peek?

Do you have any other recomendations for excursions whilst i am in your neck of the sherwoods?

I fully appreciate the Mikefule Rider Research Project and totally support it’s humble mission…i think!


I’m away from home at the moment, so e-mail time is a bit sporadic. When I get back, I’ll contact you again.

I wouldn’t bother going to this particular statealy pleasure dome again. However, from Alfreton, it’s a short trip across to Mansfield then Ollerton/Edwinstowe area where there is lots of forest track, there are some nice routes, and I’d be happy to meet up one day over Easter - but not 20th.

If you don’t hear from me, contact me direct to remind me: Mikefule at

Re: support for the Mikefule Rider Research Project

As things stand, it looks like I’ll be free to ride on Saturday 19th (all day) and/or Monday 21st (p.m.)

Unless something better arises, I will probably be at one of my regular haunts in or around Sherwood Forest. A variety of woodland/bridlepath rides from 5 miles upwards. Sometimes I do a couple of short rides with a break for lunch. Sometimes one long ride. I can turn up on 24,26, 28 or Coker, and lend one of this fleet if required.

Suggested meeting place the open air cafe next to Ollerton roundabout on A614. Other options considered.

Anyone old enough to be out and about without their parents’ permission is welcome to join me.

ok thanks mike,

i too may be free on saturday for a jolly in the woods.
sorry about the short notice but i will not know for definite until friday.

i am reliant on trains and lifts as per usual so:
firstly i am only carting my 24x3 up from essex
and secondly i will have to check which kind friend or family will drop me at said cafe - shouldnt be any real hassle though

whats the best way to let you know for sure on fri?

all the best
no sorry ONE of the best!

I’ve e-mailed my phone numbers direct to you.

If all else fails, I can pick you up from Alfreton - it’s hardly the ends of the Earth.

Anyone trying to contact me by e-mail, please do so on my main e-mail address: