On a bicycle, a person’s weight is mainly supported on the two sit-bones in the butt, with a little weight also on the handlebars. But the handlebar support gives lots of stability.

Is a unicycle the same? With no handlebars to provide stability, is the weight really only on just those two sit-bones, or is some weight also supported on the bones in the front of the pelvis, to give a little forward/backward stability?

I started to learn to ride about 6 weeks ago, and as I learn to ride with more of my weight on the seat, I seem to sort of rock back and forth trying to find a stable riding position.

Is there a best position I should be using, or is this just one more of those things that will resolve itself after enough hours of riding?


Comfortability is solved by a few things - mostly finding a saddle that fits you.

Depending on what kind of riding you’re doing, you might even be able to use a handlebar setup, but it still won’t carry near so much weight as would a bike handlebar.

I’ve done a considerable amount of distance on a unicycle, and I would say that the most comfortable riding is done while on those two sit bones and nothing else.

Shorter cranks, bike shorts, and being super comfortable on top of the unicycle will all help your riding comfort for long periods. Handlebar setups allow you to shift and hold different positions if one becomes uncomfortable as well.

sit closer to the back of your saddle to prevent your pelvis from taking the weight. if this doesn’t help maby it is you seat causing the discomfort.

do you have a flatish top on your saddle? a really U shaped one? people are moving to flat seats, are cutting foam, or are modifying their seats to be air saddles. look up these things to see what i am talking about, there should be nearly 500 threads about them on this site.

hope this helps

We try to get as much of our weight on those sitbones as possible. I have cut-down (flattened and grooved) KH seats on my trials and MUni and a KH Freeride and T7 on my 36er. I have the seat tilted as far up as it can go on the trials, and put a washer under each of the front bolts on my MUni for a little bit more angle in the seat.

Angling, grooving and flattening the seats really helped me take weight off the front of the saddle and focus my weight on my butt. On the 36 the handle does wonders in allowing me to take weight off the saddle.