Sit on the Seat!! Question.

I have a best friend who is learning to ride. She has amazing balance and determination, but she has this habit of raising up out of the seat a bit. As a result, her pedal strokes twist the uni back and forth and she crashes after 5-8 meters. With a laugh and a smile of course!!! What is the best way to help her sit down and be smooth??
Thanks for the help.

I wonder if the seat is too low. Make small adjustments if any.

have her justy rest on the unicycle without riding, using a wall to balance. she will get used to putting weight on the seat this way. but jmille got it right too, try raising the seat

A higher seat might help but mostly she needs to relax more (which is really hard to do while learning).

I would suggest holding her hand as she pedals for a while until she gets into a rhythm. When she is holding your hand she does not have to think about her balance as much and she can focus more on relaxing and riding smoothly.



Yes, I was considering velcro!! We have raised the seat and should raise it some more, and the comment about relaxing is probably spot on! Thanks.

raising the seat is a god idea, it’ll force into a seated position, but it also might make her stretch for the pedals.

There’s nothing wrong with being out of the seat, but she needs to at least grip the seat with her thighs or hold on with a hand.

She needs to REALLY sit on the seat !

Damn. That’s what I was going to say.

All this speculation about seat height, but we don’t know how you’ve got it adjusted. Is it high enough? Her leg should be almost all the way straight if she puts the center of her foot on the pedal at the bottom. You generally want it all the way high like that for learning.