sit in trials rider (freak?)

when I bot my unicyle a year ago I used to see some trials riders rinding sit in. the french guys mostly, and I just loved that agressive kinda style. those guys (like yoggy) don`t post videos anymore so the only reference I have are sif riders. (even the new french guys are riding sif now)

nowadays no one that I have seen rides sit in. well, I do. I feel like I could do everything (if I was that good) a sif rider do. when I try to ride sif it feels horrible and I switch back to sit in because it`s much more confortablle to me.

so, am I a freak? sould I be riding sif by now? do yoggi and those guys who appeared a lot back a year or two ago still ride sit in?

are there any other sit in trials riders?

i think rocco and marco do a lot of seat in stuff, and rocco is kick arse and marco is too. theyre german.

I know what you mean you feel like you have much more control when riding seat in. I’ve started to hop up stuff sif just to get used to it and also because you can get slightly more height, plus another advantage is you can lean and balance more when riding sif and when you learn how to control it you can do so much more, I think this is why people ride sif when doing trials.
Personal preference I guess in the end I still ride mostly seat in even when trying to trials.

I`ve seen a video… I think most trial stuff is sif…

Yeah I still ride seat in trials and get on very well with it. I think its easier to control the uni for some stuff. I only use sif for pedal grabs.
When you do mainly sidehops then I recommend to switch to seat in front cause you can get much higher with that, when you do rolling hops, then there arent many reasons to switch.