SINZ Unitour starts this Saturday!

Hi all,

We are about to kick off on The South Island, New Zealand Unicycle Tour, starting this Sat 20th January!

Our first unicyclist arrives in NZ today (not counting us Kiwis :p). Make sure you follow our photo blog during the tour:

Don’t forget to leave us messages on the guestbook during the tour.


Good luck guys! I wish I was joining you.


Go go go you guys! Wish we were there too. A special good luck to all of you I’ve had the pleasure to ride with: Nick, Barry, Hans, Roger, Tony, Ken and of course Connie. I’ll be beaming everyone thoughts of clear skies and powerful fast riding. BTW Nick that is so cool you got your grandmother to do support on the tour! Have a great time.


Awesome I can’t wait to start reading the ride reports. I loved reading the stuff from Laos and I doubt this will disapoint me. Good luck to everyone, and have a safe trip.

Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the slow updates. We’re having problems uploading pics on Dial-up. We will hopefully get it all updated tonight when we reach Clyde.

Keep an eye on the website:

We’re having a wonderful time although we got caught in a sandstorm yesterday.


Sounds fun, I’m pretty excited about the bit I’m joining you for.


But where did all the equipment pages go!?!?!! Now I have nothing to gawk at inbetween ride reports!

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been a bit disappointing for those following the SINZ Unitour the lack of regular updates. Anyway, it is now up to date with photos and blog until the final day. We still have some issues with the site, but most of the content is there now anyway. We’ll post some newspaper articles and some videos over the next few days.



Videos from the tour:

kenwind.avi is a must see.

Some of the pictures from my camera here:

Just a quick note to say that the SINZ website will go offline on 1 July. The domain expires and I will not be renewing it. This is your last chance to have a look at the photos and blog from the website:

I’m doing an upgrade of AdventureUnicyclist and will put the SINZ tour website as a subdomain when it goes online, which may be in a month or two.


I have uploaded some video footage from TV1 and TV3 News which interviewed our riders during the tour. There is some good footage of us at the start of the Otago Central Rail Trail and also riding up Baldwin Street, the worlds steepest street:

The website is actually still online…I’ll keep it registered for as long as I can.



Those are nice clips. It’s a shame to have a tour site go down afterwards. Any chance the content (or some of it) could be moved to a more permanent location like

The SINZ site is still online.

The Laos Unitour Site went offline so it could be put on the new Adventure Unicyclist website. Unfortunately, that was half developed but I am no longer on speaking terms with the webdesigner :stuck_out_tongue:

So plan B…I have to start from scratch. But I would like to get the Laos Unitour website back up again, along with