SingleSpeed World Champ. 2005


Has anyone ever competed in the SSWC on a uni before?

I was thinking about giving the bike shop a call who’s hosting it and seeing if they would be intersted in a Uni Class for the race.
Would anyone else be interested to going and riding in this event, I know it is about a year away but I think it could be a good event for everyone involved.

Hell yeah! Only problem is that I dont’ think I can afford to do so after going on the Alps Unitour. But if you manage to get a Unicycle Class together- I’ll do my best to be there.

It was held last year in Australia but I found out about it a little bit too late. That race was won by a New Zealand rider, whose prize was a tattoo for being World Singlespeed Champ.

I did a posting on RSU on this years event in Germany- but I’m not sure if any unicyclists turned up.


Yeah, that was Clinton Jackson. I’m pretty sure that he got second in this years SSWC in Berlin.

Re: SingleSpeed World Champ. 2005

Hey Chex…

I doubt they would make a uni class, but they would surely let you compete and they may give you a prize just for showing up a muni. They only give tattoos for the fastest male and female rider, but they give away alot of other prizes for fattest, skinniest, drunkest, bloodiest, nakedest, etc…


I’ve entered the UK singlespeed championships before. It was pretty fun.

Don’t bother trying to get a separate category for unicyclists, just join in with everyone else, singlespeed events aren’t really about categories and stuff, just everyone riding in the event whatever bike they’ve got, as long as it hasn’t got more than one gear. It’s much more fun to be in a big mass start category than a weeny little special one, which they’d quite likely want to start separately. You also get the fun of beating bikes too.


Count me in! I once competed in a little single speed race while at UVA last year. I finished last and won a little plastic paratrooper on a bicycle…I naturally tore off one of the wheels.

How on earth did I miss this thread? I live in State College, PA, if ya didn’t know.

Mike, where did you find this? Also, do you know what trail they’re using?

I know it’s uber far off, but I can do some legwork if anyone wants to come.

Coincidentally the 2003 article of DIRT RAG with this article in it(courtesy of mojoe) also had coverage of the 2003 singlespeed world champ’s held in northern california. I have some pics posted here(bottom of page) one of the pics is upside-down but I am lazy and too tired to do it meself. Oh and they are pics not scans.

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Last year the top riders (male+female) were branded not tattoos.

I guess the hosts of this event are not interested in ever being associated with the UCI. I’m glad unicycling is years away from having to worry about drug rules, drug testing, drug scandals, etc. But I hope unicycling can someday be a recognized sport under the UCI, so I don’t recommend we use the same practice in the future! :slight_smile:

It sounds like a fun event (unless you won last year I guess). A single-speed competition is a very appropriate place for unicycles to join in. It would be even more fun to race unicycles against single-speed bikes with fixed wheels (no coasting!) Then it would be almost an even match, except they could still lift their feet up and coast…

Seconded, its fun beating bikes. LOTS of fun. I almost prefer raceing agaist two wheelers to one… no one expects me to do well.

I would be interested in it as well. I have never competed before, but it would definitely be fun.