Single wall trials rim review

So this is a review for single wall trials rims any size.
So right now i am running two diffrent single wall trials rims for trials.

First is a onza pro dimond 19in
Set up: It is laced up to a nimbus 32 hole rim and has a MEC tire for observed trials
Review: It is a great rim, the best I have ever run dropped tons of weight and tons of bounce. One thing I am not a fan of is it does not feel as solid as my nimbus dominator 2 or my koxx street rim but the loss of weight is worth it. The biggest drop on it is 5 foot.

The second one is a Echo TR 24in rear used for speed trials and fun.
Set up. The rim is laced up to a koxx 36 hole hub with spoke holes skipped with a 24in Kenda negval 2.5
Review: the rim is nice not my favorite. i like the nimbus dominator more because it has a stiffer feel and worth the weight. this rim does hvae alot more bounce and alot more stable on drops. One thing is the rim dings really easy. there is 2 or 3 bad dings in it and I dont think it will last much longer.

Post your review for single wall trials rims

Do you mean laced up to a nimbus 32 hole hub?

I didn’t spend much time on either the KH19 or Nimbus 24" rims before I swapped to identical rims to you but I found them plenty stiff enough and didn’t notice any loss in stiffness.

I would be interested for a double blind test as like frame material type most of the “feel” is in the mind in my opinion, especially when we are attached to the Uni with floppy limbs and ride on a big squishy tyre :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya i did lol sorry

One thing with the 24in rim is it is harder to keep trued and i have pulled a spoke throught the rim and its cracked.

Bit of a update, I did a 5 foot drop and the wheel held up great no issues at all