Single track trails in Central Virginia - helmet cam - fish eye lens

Pretty boring video compared to stuff from you hard core veterans, but trust me the trail is harder than it looks… :smiley: Very little flat ground, always going up and down hills with lots of roots to trip you up.

Anybody who lives in or near Virginia should check out the trail system in Pocahontas State park. There are 20+ miles (6 loops) of really nice single track plus lots more “fitness trails” that allow bike/unicycles, too. Right now I am the only Unicyclist in the area taking advantage of this great resource.

Definitely looks like you could use a Schlumpf, or at least a 29er. Pretty trails, though.

Two local mountain bike clubs keep them maintained on a regular basis. A 29er might work, but several of the climbs would be too steep. A 26er would probably be ideal. A Schlumpf would be awesome for the fitness trails between loops. BTW, out of the 6 loops in this park, the one in the video is the shortest and the easiest.