Single Track Mind

From this morning. Two mtbers joined me for a pretty good sized drop. One of them had a crash landing! Watch for my “power slide” down a really steep embankment (filmed a couple days ago, as is the very first clip).

Also, I hit my fastest speed ever…while HOLDING my camera, and filming pov! It looks crazy fast, and it is real time! Did I crash? You’ll have to watch to find out, haha!

Hope you enjoy and comment. :smiley:

Funniest part is the mountian biker blowing the landing of the hop you just blazed like it was nothing!

As normal terry, AWESOME vids, and an inspiration on my 40th birthday

Thanks Tom, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY young fella! :smiley:


I think the music really fit the fast riding and stunting. Fun as always, and that river crossing sounded refreshing.

Also glad to see Morty finally getting a speaking role! Was he running lines for a Pepsi ad? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. I liked the music too and thought the instrumental version would have less chance of being muted by YT. Morty says thanks also! :smiley:

Yikes! Some of those unicycles have mutated and are growing extra wheels! :astonished:

Yeah I was going to try riding one of those two-wheely thingees, but I got a scared! :astonished:

Great video again, I enjoyed as always. :smiley:

Thanks. Hey I noticed you use 137mm cranks on your MUni. How do you compare that size with 150mm, which is what I use. I also have 137s, and thought about trying those.

But now I want to try my dual holed 125/150’s and see how the 125’s do speedwise on smoother single track, both flat and dh. Not sure how efficient or easy climbing the steep stuff would be, especially over a sustained distance. :smiley:

I know the question wasn’t directed at me, but I thought I’d chip in as I have the dual hole 125/150 Moments on my 24". I upgraded from the standard Qu-Ax cranks which were 170mm.

The 150s are much better than the 170s for muni. Still a huge amount of control but I can get a decent speed up on the flatter parts without any issues. They’re also perfectly usable on the road and round and about.

The 125s are really quick on road. I was surprised at just how much faster they are. Pretty useless for me on the rough stuff though as I don’t have legs of steel!

Yeah I have dual 125/150’s for my kh 36er, but really would prefer 114/150’s. 114 for street/distance, and 150 for coker-MUni. They just don’t make them in that combination. Too bad! :frowning: But I think 137/150 would be ideal for MUni.

Was that a curse word uttered by the geezer of uni?

Nice peice of grass in your helmet and nice MTB’s. Last one was funny.:stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I had to think about what you were referring to for a minute. Yeah, but I edited out the very last “t” in the word. I was too far away to catch my falling camera in time, and could only watch in horror as it crashed head-first to the hard ground, hence my little expletive, lol. :o

hahaha i saw that lil piece of weed stickin out of your helmet at the end

Yeah, lately I’ve been sticking those in my helmet, it makes me feel “one” with nature, haha. Now I’m wondering that when I am going looking through those grassy shoots, and handling lots of them as I pick and choose what I want, if I might have unwittingly picked up a tick or two that way!!??

I finally went to REI and got TWO things that will very likely stop the tick problem. One is called Picaridin, and it’s proven as effective as DEET, but is odorless and won’t eat plastics or harm clothing or your gear, and lasts 8 hours. the other is called Permethrin, and is sprayed onto clothes only.

It kills ticks on contact before they can even get onto you, but the Picaridin is there in case any do find there way onto you. One treatment [of permethrin] will last up to six washings or six weeks before clothing has to be treated again.

Sounds like a bit of a hassle to pout all that on, but I’d rather do that then have ticks biting me! And right now they seem to be everywhere! :slight_smile:

Stupendous!!! Are you lining up (getting pedals just right) that big drop? You really have gotten that one down and amazed those two bikers.
Lover the power slide.
Ride, live, enjoy, commune, sweat, elate, curse, scream for joy…
Thankee Terry … keep them coming. i know you will.
You set the standard for “Live to Ride”))))))))

Thanks Sean. I first rode up to the edge and lined up, then rode backwards to my start point and went at it. I’ve done that and other drops without lining up, and usually I can hit the edge of the drop from slight angle; that way I can make any corrections to get my cranks horizontal at the jump. Glad to hear your toe is getting better and you’re riding again! :slight_smile:


Is Morty aware that you’re socializing with dogs when your away from the house?

Lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

did a muni ride yesterday, only bout a 4 mile trail. half way through, right on the back side of my knee, behind my shin guard i felt a minor sting…i was like ahhh, maybe its just the velcro, then it happened again…so i like start hittin the back of my knee as i was riding to maybe kill any bug in there if it was a bug…but then that caused this unbearable stinging…so i stopped and undid my shin guard…and it was a tick crawling around. it couldnt latch on i guess cause of all the movement of my legs. so i flicked that punk off, was glad he didnt get all buried under my skin

f—in ticks…lol