Single Speed Cyclocross - Louisiana Kentucky

A crew of the Belgium national TV flew to US to cover the bicycling cyclocross world championships.
And, they’ve spotted a unicyclist at a single speed cyclocross!

That was fun!

So which “Ben” was riding in the race?

Raleigh, NC had snow and a rally ride pn the same night, how wierd!

Ben King?

Excellent race :slight_smile: Love the Unicyclist tearing round the course,

Thanks Leo for the mention but the name of the city in Kentucky that hosted the Cyclo-Cross World Championships is Louisville, not Louisiana as your title would suggest. Home of “the most exciting 2 minutes in sports” at the Kentucky Derby. Twitter #louisville2013. Full video (coverage of live stream begins 9 minutes in) of the Men’s Elite Race.


The Belgian team (Sven FTW) is staying at the hotel that one of my college mates manages until Monday. The week started with an invite only bourbon tasting at ParkCity BikeShop and alcohol was a common theme throughout as the whole city is a buzz. The fans get intoxicated to cheer or jeer the riders with bells, whistles, and soccer horns. The riders are incredible athletes. It’s an iron man type steeplechase with cycles.

The unicycle rider in Leo’s video of the Single Speed race is the Asheville 2010 MUni champion Ben King with whom I have had the pleasure of unicycling the mountain bike trails at Cherokee (a Frederick Olmsted Park). Ben’s fitness level is impressive (I envy his youth!) and his skills on that KH29 are awe-inspiring and humbling. He climbs a lot of hills that I have to hike but I really enjoy trying to keep up with him.

…trusting autocorrection suggestions automaticly…

My buddy and I have done 2 cross races in Socal on our 29er Munis. Hard but fun.

Yep that was me! That race/event was seriously the most fun I’ve had on one or two wheels.

A couple months ago, some of the local cyclocross guys put it together as a fun event for everyone who was coming in town to watch the worlds races on the weekend. I immediately signed up, planning to ride the uni. Weeks later it began to get a lot of publicity on the internet, and it turned into quite a spectacle with the fog machines and fire barriers and everything. When pre-registration closed they had almost 100 riders signed up.

The night before I was thinking I should get a costume (My friend Zach, also in the video, already told me he was wearing his banana suit.) I know a lot of people hate the circus image but a clown suit was just too perfect for the occasion! So I found one at a novelty store the next day and suited up at the race.

The race atmosphere was great. There was moderate snowfall under the big floodlights, the flame barrier, a tunnel with a fog machine and lots of bourbon/rum/beer/donut handups. Racers and spectators loved the unicycle. I rode hard-ish for the full 45 minutes and finished 5 laps, 2 behind the leader’s 7. No one was really too concerned with placing though.

Great job Ben!

We hope you’ll join us this Summer for NAUCC 2013. This will be the first time for Coker MuniCross. Beingin July we won’t have the fun level of mud we have in October, so we’re running the big wheels.

We’ve been cyclocross racing unis here since '08 (scroll to the bottom). The Month of Mud crew will be helping us with the course!

Looks like a great event, Dave. I’ll see what I can do.