Single bolt seat clamps

Some of the threads I found regarding this topic were fairly old and I’m curious if anything has changed.

Has anyone had success using a simple single bolt seat clamp like the salsa lip lock (not the qr flip lock).

On my next build I’m looking for something more minimal, but was wondering if a single bolt would be tight enough to counter the extreme twisting forces on a unicycle seat.


I have just bought an impact athmos which came with a single bolt clamp. I’ve not ridden it much yet but what I have done hasn’t moved the seat. However when I built it up I used a carbon grip compound designed for carbon components on mtbs. I had some from when I fitted the reverb dropper post to my bike. Basically it increases friction between components so less clamping force is required to stop them moving, or with alloy/steel parts the same force makes it really tight.

I’ve been primarily using single bolt clamps with no problems. I use Twenty6 clamps and I’ve used a Salsa Clamp in the past with no issues. However, I do not drop or hop around. That might be why I’ve had such success with them.

The 20" Avenir I learned on has a single-bolt clamp. As often as I dropped it, I don’t remember it slipping much if ever. It’s more secure than any quick-release I’ve used.

Gotta say, I’ve never had any issues with single bolt clamps, but the new-ish double quick releases have actually been slipping a bit for me, you have to tighten them down quite a lot. I prefer the ones with bolts if I’m carrying a tool.

Not personally, but some of the more hardcore chaps on the British Muni weekend (who were doing pretty big drops and hops) were using them without any issues.

As long as its not quick release… Currently have an impact one on my G29 and have had no problems.

Both my Qu-Ax’s came with single-bolt non-QR seatpost collars (Which presumably were fairly cheap ones, because Qu-Ax), and I’ve had no problems with them moving around under normal use. However if I fall off very heavily and the nose of the saddle hits the ground, it’ll sometimes come out slightly out of line.

Same here. I am running a K1 single clamp and I never had to re-adjust the saddle after a UPD AFAIK.

My only bad experiences were usually with QR clamps (the cheaper the worse).

Get a Salsa Seatclamp! I think it’s the best put there, it has a stainless steel insert for the bolt to thread in and it looks awesome.

I have them on all my unis. A bit expensive but I love it!

Will these fit an oracle frame?

I dont know what’s the diameter of the Oracle frames, but Salsa offers the most standard sizes.

I believe that the Oracle frames are 31.8 OD in which case the standard 31.8 or 32mm size should fit, but don’t quote me on it.

Thanks for the replies.

Neat! Didn’t know about the Salsa.
The Impact ones also have an insert instead of just a thread through the aluminium. Don’t know in the US, but in Europe they’re the same price as the other brands.