Singapore muni

Gave up on waiting for a day that wasn’t hot and humid at around 2 degrees north and went out for a ride. Met a great group of singapore unicyclists and enjoyed one of many of singapore’s surprising bits of nature.

It’s no secret, we all like downhills the best

Some of the locals were impressed

Others had seen it all already

Mud strategy A

Mud strategy B

Heat management.

Bukit Timah means “tin hill.” There never was that much tin, though, and it’s not that much of a hill. But enough for muni fun :slight_smile:

Singapore muni action.

Hi Bristlecone,

Some good muni pics. I’m in singapore in a few weeks for 5 days (17th to 22nd Nov). Was planning on bringing a couple of uni’s with me to do some riding. Thinking a 29er and a trials/street uni, but might bring a 24muni instead of the 29er. Are the trails suited to a 29er more than a 24"?

I was planning on meeting up with Jaihui when I am in town, and hopefully i’ll be able to meet some more of the singapore riding crew. Would be a blast if I could get some hockey and muni in during my 5 days :slight_smile:


Daniel :slight_smile:

I think the trails are more suited for a 24" / 26" muni.

It’ll be easier to climb heights. 24" provides a comfortable height for muni, because there are branches around in the air and you do not wish to knock onto them. Right now, we’re planning to do a biweekly muni trip at Bukit Timah during the weekends. As for hockey, we’ll do it on our weekly Thursday meet-up.

I like the first monkey pic. The monkey is saying “Woohoo, look at that!”

dmacuni- I was on a 29er with 165 cranks and happy with that. Did whack my head on a branch, but just once. The BT trails aren’t too technical or too steep, plenty doable on a 29er. But, not so flat that I’d pick a 29er over a 24 if I had one… …but that reflects more on the pilot :slight_smile:

I honestly can’t be happier I’m not the sole Singapore unicyclist around here anymore!

Dan - will arrange something. IT WILL BE DONE.

Hi! This is Fabrice. Thank you, Jamie, for the pictures. I have some also. I’ll try to put them online.

I said I were away this coming week-end but I mistook next we with the next-next we. So I will do it again for sure. I loved it !

Hi Fabrice!

Does that mean you’re available this Sunday? It’s not too late to plan another muni!

  • Kelvin

Yes, absolutely! I will be available this Sunday and am very exciting to try it again, to see if I we can improve when we do it for the second time, if I am still so exhausted at the end, if it was so tough or if I simply was i a bad condition…

By the way, I think JH was right : this can be done with a 20" and would maybe be even easier (although very long). I’d love to try the “introduction” with a 20", you know, the little uphill from the parking made with rocks. It would be more jumping than rolling but still is a good challenge!

Ok, I’ll contact KL to ask if he’s available!

Looking forward to pictures!

Here are some pictures from the last trip to Bukit Timah nine days ago.

First Summit Conference

A bit of vegetation

Second Summit Conference

A bit of rocks

A nice track

I was in Bukit Timah last Sunday. I was alone because the unicyclist team feared for a few puddles because of the heavy rain of the previous night. They shoudn’t have, because actually, the tracks were dry. Moreover, there was very few people there so it was very pleasant.

Here is a very short video of me, to prove that I was indeed there!

Oh man! We missed out such fun…

Haha ive always said a bit of rain has never killed anyone. But nooooooooo

Hey! I posted in full caps and my post got edited. It’s like I can’t even express myself by screaming with a keyboard anymore :frowning:

Hi! Any volunteer for MTT on next Sunday (or why not Saterday) ? If nobody wants to, I will anyway go back to Bukit Timah Park (whatever the whether is). Otherwise, I will follow the group. Come on !

Sorry, by MTT, I meant Muni. MTT is the French acronym for Off Road Unicycling.

I am available on Sunday… I’ll ask the rest when I meet them on Thursday!

Hi, i’m keen!!! got into town today, bought a 24" muni, but have to find a 24" tube, as my tubeless wheel blew out in transit, spilling all my tubeless sealant. hopefully i can find one tomorrow. I’ve also got a 20" to play some hockey, so i might see you tomorrow night :slight_smile: