SINEP Unicycles (spoof)

My friend an I had to, for English, create an advert and try to persuade people into buying a product.
Since we both love unicycles we based our ad around a new unicycle brand.:slight_smile:

Please comment on my channel (Jagster182) or my friends (unilege). And SUBSCRIBE (it fuels my ego :p).

The quality is a bit poor because I only just uploaded it.

thats so sad

you didn’t have any replies for your first post were those torkers cx and lx ? both 20’s or any 24’s

haha! that is way old and i can see why now :stuck_out_tongue: um, yeah they were both 20’s (one cx and one lx) - we’ve got much better unis now :smiley:

Did your teacher not notice that it’s penis spelled backwards? :stuck_out_tongue:

well, not at first but by the end of the vid he got it - the rest of the class on the other hand…they got it pretty quickly :stuck_out_tongue: