[sinco & utv] - EUC 2010 winter edition

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That was AWESOME :D! Thx for making these vids :), I’m looking forward to my next EUC :). The filming & editing was very professional, everything fitted with the music. Loved the ending too! :smiley:

this is epic! what a nice crane you got there for these smooth camera movements. would have liked less flat (looks boring, music saved) and more fun stuff around the convention! looked like you could have gotten more out of the bunch of freaks on unis there :wink: very artistic, nice style.

Absolutely amazing
I got to the end, realised i’d been watching for nearly half an hour, and still wanted more.
Amazing riding and editing, i wish i could have gone. :frowning:

Very awesome, worth the wait. Thanks JiM!

My favorite color is money :smiley:

that was the best unicycle video i’ve ever seen!

I’m gonna download it for my PSP and watch it every day before i ride :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, i was just trying to find the flip that looked like a quint in there, and realised you were using a seatpost and a hammer as microphones! awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing video!
Thanks you for spending so much hours (days :roll_eyes: ) on editing and making this video, jim. The filming was also great and enjoyable to watch:)
See you at EUC (or maybe before:p)

thats awesome!
Thanks for taking the time to make that:)

That was sweet… Gutted I missed it.

Was glad to see that British guy was there again in his blue anorak… What was his name?

Not that I dont mind free stuff… But I really cant wait til we can turn these into actual dvd’s that people have to buy. I would love to help support the creation of these videos.

Unicycle.tv has a donnate button and is happy about everybody who supports them that more videos like this one are possible :).


loved the whole thing, awesome video guys!

great to see Kevin Mcmullin back on his wheel, i wasnt expecting to see him there. would have loved to see some spencer flat though… :stuck_out_tongue:

amazing, im going to have to try and make it out to one of these things.

  • Justin

Thanks for your comments! :slight_smile:

Stephen Howe.

Definitely. :wink:

Watched it for the 2nd time :), the frontflip part fitted so well with the music :D.

That was a hick-quint, right? :astonished:

no, but is still AWESOME!!!

Great job on the editing, Jim :slight_smile: Always fun to watch your vids.

Great riding in it too! :smiley:


I already commented on FB, but that’s just awesome! I showed at my work and the guy were impressed with the quality of all the thing! And it was all done with HandyCams :p!

You better be there next winter :D! This time I’m earlier than before: Already got my airplane tickets… Going to stay 2 months in Europe riding! Maybe I will spend some days in Hungary too :wink:

Thanks for that! I’ve already watched it 254654 times and I plan to do it more!

PS: Next year we should rent (I’ll bring mine, but olaf may be able to get it), some led lights… Like Lite Panels ones… To use as fill light and get footage in a lower gain (less grain) :wink: I’ll work for that :wink:

thats awsome
i wish i was thare :astonished:

Thanks man!
I think i’ll be there, but i may not be making that video, idk yet…
That 2 month long european trip sounds good, you should definitely stop by Budapest! :slight_smile: