sinco - Underdog



that was awesome. :smiley:

Sick video. The editing was nice and the riding was awesome.

sweet :astonished:

the editing was very nice and the riding was insane :roll_eyes:
very good vid! I enjoyed it a lot :slight_smile:

i’m speechless, insane riding and editing!

Nice ! some good stuff, i was afraid Bence wasnt still riding , great to see he is ! :slight_smile:

And music is so cool :p.

Very good vid, as always!:slight_smile:

+1 awesome tricks and combos
was 2:36 a 720 sidespin?

good stuff.

540 side

<3 you jim
<3 you krisz
<3 you bences
<3 sinco

Great riding skills and creative filming technique really made it all the better!

you could just have say that you love jim like I did! :angry:
just kidding :smiley:

Great Video! Really enjoyed it.

Can anyone else not watch it? For some reason it’s just a black screen.

Awesome video!
Awesome skills, lines, editing everything great!

You guys are awesome, keep it goin Sinco!

SICK !! Jim you never fail to make my day.Any trials videos in the making ?

but also nice trick :slight_smile:

Wicked wicked wicked. Love these guys.