Sinco TV Clip for Hungarian TV

Jim did that video about their EUC Trip for the Hungarian TV. Take place, relax and enjoy!

Url: SincoTVClip

Not only made for a TV show, but whatever.
Also available on vimeo.


Nice commercial!
EDIT: Nice whatever it is!?

Very relaxing. That lateflip over the tennis net was awesome! :astonished:

Nice relaxing edit for after watching the EUC full video.
Treytriple on flat is sick.
The Kangaroo backwards riding was neat too.

O. M. G. Krizs lateflips are absolutely amazing. He is the king of street, no doubt.

Edit: Nice edit Jim

The framing from 2:22-2:32 was brilliant.

so sweet!!! i really like slomo videos!!

I love this video! The treytrip on flat and lateflip over the tennis net were ridiculous.

good as always!The slomo is great!!!

I wanted to make this video anyways, even tho i didn’t use my camera too much in Buthiers.
I planned to edit this once the EUC vid is done, but i had to make it earlier because some TV company here in Hungary made a report with some of the guys, and they needed this vid too. That’s why Olaf called it TV clip. But it’s not just a TV clip. Not even a commercial. :slight_smile:

…and thanks for the comments!