sinco - Apnoea

We’ve been asked to make a short sample vid for a promotion to a company i work for.
(don’t expect much, it’s really short…)


ps. I picked some clips to this video from the tons of footage we will use in a bigger project within the next few months. :slight_smile:
More info on this soon.

Set as private.


Nice editing, and riding.

Bence’s stand up glide was cool. So was the flat combos at :24 and :27

You are still my favorite video editor to this day, this vid was really awesome.

I liked the creativity involved too. Like that one foot coast, to pivot, then coast back down. Good stuff.

Pretty sweet.

holy shit… :astonished:

wow jim, one of my dream would be that you edit one of my video :smiley: its so nice! is there a way to be able to talk to you on msn? anyway good job! but sinco kriszned is still my favorite video ever!

looking forward to the bigger project

Can’t wait for this “bigger project”, great filming, editing, and of course riding. I liked the gliding/coasting bits.

Awesome. I’m gonna go try that signature kriz roll :smiley:

Really well done. I can’t wait for this “big project”!

Simply amazing :astonished:


Simply awesome. When you gonna hook up the international T-shirts?

that was awesome!

Thanks for the comments! Next time i’ll try to make a longer vid haha.
T-shirts and other goodies will be available by spring - hopefully.

That was sooo rad, I loved Bence’s riding!