Since no one will see my request all they way down.....

Some things that I think would be useful.


Gilby is e-mailed when a new (yours) thread is made in that admin section. So he is knowing of it, and probably the main person you want to see it. =p

I posted in it though, and I like the ideas.

Also add: Fix MR. lol

yep. Figured some feedback from other members would help get the point across.

No. The way it is allows what is said in MR to never be easily retrieved.:slight_smile:

We need a sticky that’s a unicycle dictionary as well. With trick names, and abbreviations that you guys use constantly, unicycle parts, diagrams, that kind of stuff you know?

I agree with all of Sam’s ideas. Rep is a very useful tool, and the sub-forums all seem quite useful



I just had no idea there were so many tricks, I was watching a guys video, and he did his tricks so fast that they all looked the same, plus I didn’t know all that he was doing, because I’m inexperienced.

Many people have been crying “we need a sticky” but no one has made a thread worthy of stickiness…

A sticky is, after all, just another thread, and everyone on this forum has the ability to create a thread. All the information you need is already on these fora, scattered amongst various threads.

…so what’s stopping you guys?

Well what’s stopping me is that I don’t know about but maybe 10 tricks. :stuck_out_tongue:

tire grab
unispin, 180 360 540 720 900
crankflip 2x, 3x, 1/2, 1 1/2, 2 1/2
stair jumps… i consider it a trick to jump down 6 stairs… compared to on flat ground…
90* unispin
1ft wheelwalk
sideways wheel walk
seat in front
seat on side
1 footed riding.

a few basic tricks that i’m assuming you know, there are well over 10 there… i think you know more than you realize.

you forgot 1080 unispin, I forget what video that was in… Yeah I know those ones, and that’s about it. gliding, real basic stuff.

the 1080 unispin was faked if i remember correctly.

The 1080 was not faked. You’re thinking of some video posted a while ago advertising a 1440 unispin.

…um :roll_eyes:
Where have you been? Haha, gotta stay ontop of the news.:stuck_out_tongue:

'Cause unless Gilby agrees that there can be some sort of editing/updating as well as agreeing that he would actually sticky something, putting in all that work would be either pointless, end up being not comprehensive enough, or shortly outdated.

cough can you say a couple extra MODs might helpcough

IIRC, Gilby has already agreed to stickying a thread, if one was produced.

As for being outdated, threads can be appended with posts, y’know. If proper access control existed (i.e. thread ownership), that’d never be a worry…

…although it’s a moot point for subjects such as forum etiquette. If crafted carefully, an etiquette sticky would never need editing.

I wouldn’t say that.

Have you done any work to police the forums? You can either be part of the problem or part of the solution… this is the freedom that Gilby has given us with these essentially mod-less forums.

Ive had a thread stickied. :slight_smile: