Simply Street

I liked the vid, but I thaught it was to much footplant kinda things… but that is also the only thing I am complaining about.

chilll, whole video flowed really well.

haven’t rode in a week or two, this video just changed that :sunglasses:

Well I all ready let you know, but I figured I’d leave it here as well.

The whole video was sick. The 180 out of the grind at the end at the shalimar church was really good. Also, at 0:49 where you flipped the wheelset backward with your hand was cool. And I really liked the 180 triple off the bleachers. I re watched that clip like 10 times. It looks so, so smooth.

Anyways, good job man!

My favourite street video. I think I’m going to learn street after seeing this!!

This video made me smile from beginning to end.

I’m gonna start filming for a new vid tomorrow. I was contemplating stopping riding for a while, due to weather, and lack of motivation. You sir, have motivated me- And I thank you for that :smiley:


Ill vid, man. Never quit… I expect you to be hitting 16 stair rails, now :stuck_out_tongue:

not sure why, but I loved that rail you jumped over at the very end… just made me happy

that was a really awesome video to watch man! :slight_smile: love the footplants and awesome lines. bigger stuff is a nice change from you too :smiley: