Simply Street

here’s my new street vid. For those that are tired of flat haha:)
Let me know what ya think!

180 triple looked really cool. 180 out of the 10 set handrail was sick. Great video. Best pure street video out there in my opinion.

edit: Quit flatland.

Wow. I :heart: it! So creative and mix of big and tech and footplants and stuff! Chill music too…

edit: also crazy with no shinpads and basketball shorts

that was so good!

it felt really laid back, i liked it :smiley:


It just got crazier from start to end. I never saw you grind handrails (I think). The shifty 9 was really cool, aswell as the crankflip 7. Not sure about the 180 out of the 180, was fowly enough for my taste (compared to the rest of the vid). Good job anyway, 180in out of a 10 set handrail is really somthing :wink:

Keep those really good vid comming (hopefully in better quality).

Sweet vid.

Is it me or does your uni creak really bad? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, Forrest. This video is awesome. It’s great to see you going big.

I liked Anna’s line too. :slight_smile:

Simply amazing.
Liked the riding. Liked the music. Liked the edit.

Definitly a feel good video :slight_smile:

oh that video was so soothing. that video was the perfect thing for my mind at this time. thankyou so much haha

ME! :smiley:

i wasnt expecting to hear that from a (predominantly) flat rider. but i do hav to agree with him. STREET, dude!!

I just ride flat to improve my street (you got to learn flips on flat before off stuff usually), and I ride actual (combos) flatland because I can’t usually go to a place where I can ride street or trials (transportation and/or weather reasons) and just flips on flat (to improve for street) become boring after a while.

And I forgot to mention that I like the look of that shifty down the 9. Go bigger with all of your other tricks now!

Forrest! Like i said before those rails were epic! 180 out of the ten stair was a highlight. Great video all around. The nine stair was awesome. You had some really creative stuff in there. I also loved the flips of the bleachers.

Thanks :slight_smile:

This video makes me wanna start doing street haha

I think I’ll take it up…

Awesome vid.

Great vid, I liked the riding, music & editing! Hopefully the next vids will be in better quality ^^.

Very cool video. Really enjoyed watching it, thanks :slight_smile: Some killer grinds, and liked the variety of tricks. Well done. I wanna see more :smiley:

Really beutiful video. A long time i didn’t see this type of video: clear tricks, simple but well-looking tricks, video was limber. I enjoyed it on maximum, i dind’t bored when i was watching :slight_smile: good work.

thanks everyone for the awesome comments!

Any Terrain- I quit flat a long time ago haha. took my rollos off for good. Street Rules!!!

Emile- This vid is really the first where I grind a handrail bigger than a three, haha.

I really wanted to finally show everyone that I can go big with this vid, so I hope I accomplished that.
Big street is so much fun.

I apologize for the quality everyone, I don’t really know how to make it much better. But expect to see more big stuff from me for sure;)

Great Video. You had some sick flip tricks in there.

Nice guys!

YAYZ!.. nuf said