Simply flat

Hi everyone,
i did second short movie of year 2011. Theres no some big tricks, just simple tricks for fun :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy it.

Great video! Really creative and big flatland! The 360 backrollflip was awesome! The locations and editing were also very nice.

Very enjoyable vid! ^^ I always like your videos :D.

nice! i always like your style of lfatland and your style of editing, keep it up! hope to see you at euc this summer :wink:

thanks a lot to all of you. at EUC unfortunately i wont be, it cost lot of money and like poor student i dont have enought money :confused: Except this, i have a camp with children in our cirkus, its my job. there is only one action where i will be and this is Brno uni days, the same action at same place where was summer EUC last year. Its only one action which is affordable for me :smiley:

i wanted to come aswell, but i’m not sure that’ll be able to make brno unidays this year, unfortunately

1:13 and 1:32 were probably my favourites! and the back roll-1.5 trey thingy of course.

your style is really nice and i like the effort put in to get things looking nice for a video :slight_smile:

realy like it, very creatif riding, editing was great.
GOOD video :slight_smile: