Simple Unicycle Tricks That Seem Impossible #1

In an effort to add more spice to this channel, and to give more support to my unicycle students. I have created this request line calling all advanced riders show me that “it can be done” with a video submission.

Gracias amigos and Hello World!!

Trick #1:
Can anyone do a bunny hop with pedals at 6 and 12 o’clock position?


#1 Yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it.
It’s basically doing a bunny hop one footed with the top foot just resting on the pedal.

We had a stupid competition on a ride once where we tried to bunny hop over some obstacles with one foot on the frame.
Lemme see if I can find the video

Edit, it’s not in the video I thought it was.

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I like this series of trick requests keep it coming :grin: If i remember i’ll try your request today! But first let me say which trick this reminds me of: in freestyle its seen every now and then this bunny hop on outside pedal (bottomed,6oclock) and the other foot goes behind that leg that stands on the outside pedal, holds the tire in the back to keep it (fairly) still for the hop to not be too wobbly

Ivar. I’m waiting for your video, when you have a chance. I know you can absolutely do it and not get injured. Probably in combination with an obstacle in a skate park. Right!!!

Anyways, this is a statement to all the “readers” and “unicycle riders”. I am assuming all readers are not riders “yet”, but are very very interested in learning…or are “pissed off and throwing their unicycles” around trying really hard to get it. Keep up guys/girls.

So, the reason for this trick is to dispel the “wise old unicycle saying” about the DEAD ZONE.
a.) It is impossible to free mount from the deadzone. Duh. Rock back idle=possible.
b.) If you stop unicycle at the dead zone you are dead. Seriously? Look at all these freestylers “floating in air”. Not dead.

Also, the ability to be able to maintain motion and balance with pedals “supposedly” in neutral zone. (Yes, that’s a more correct classification of the unicycle dynamic at that position. ) is what you need to be able to ride SIF.

When riding SIF, there is no help from your body/saddle/flopping arms,…etc. All your weight is on the pedals and you may pause or roll right through the 6 & 12 o’clock pedal position = deadzone.

“…don’t fear the reaper”

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I know a guy that has been road riding for years on a Nimbus 24 and he has probably got thousands of miles in by now yet he mounts 6 and 12 every time with only the occasional fail, no more than I occasionally fail a 3 and 9 mount, so it’s definitely a viable option for road riding at least.

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I got an infection in the edge of my nail so i’ll be back with that 6-12 when its healed :grin: i think its a really good theme! I coach people trying uni first time and always tell them to do the 6-12 mount when they first get on using support, occasionaly if it seems suitable i instruct someone to aim to level pedald and ride half rev at a time between leveled pedal stances, or i just tell them to aim for higher speed that it will help balance “like a normal bike” and then they naturaly avoid that “deadzone”