Simple Unicycle Trick #3:

This seems like an easy one, but I think most will have a problem:

There is two steps to this “simple” trick:

  1. Free mount(standard 3 and 9 o’clock)
  2. Directly into a bunny hop.

I have seen a unicycle beginner Seth(youtube: Seth’s bike hacks) a bmx biker reliably use this method to free mount onto his 26" unicycle.

Give it a try, or tell me it’s impossible.


Will try it tomorrow. I’m feeling pretty confident with this one.

A while back I would have had an issue with this. I mount right foot back but hop right foot forwards, so I would have had to pedal half a rev before hopping. Nowadays I can mount either foot back or just hop on/jump mount with either foot back and start hopping, although I am still not very good at hopping left foot forwards so I would mount right foot forwards and just hop, I’ve done this on a small rock before. I wanted to jump off a rock, maybe a 1.5 foot drop, but it was too small to half rev on so I did a jump mount right foot front and hopped a few times then jumped off the rock sideways and rode away, so definitely possible.

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1.5’ is right at about the limit of my drop ability and at that height I’ve only done rolling drops. Hopefully I’ll be doing some with a 90 and a rollout soon too.

I do this assuming its just what you mentioned in the first post. I do it on my 27.5 and 29" munis mostly. I don’t do it on my 29" road because the tyre doesn’t compress so much and the tyre is narrower. But I only really started doing it after having 4 years of unicycling experience. Good way to feel you are on top of the wheel before going.

I tought myself to do it several years ago after watching terry Peterson starting off that way. I can only do it on my 24 And 26 unis. Make sure your feet are at 3 and 9 or you will get a nasty pedal strike.

This trick will separate the 3 & 9 o’clock standard mounters into two groups:

a.) The “no weight” on down pedal free-mounters.
b.) The “semi-rolling” mounters, who can actually press down on their “down pedal” during mounting.

For the first group, trying to free-mount and then rise to an immediate bunny hop will be impossible. You will probably end up on the ground with the unicycle “shooting” behind you. Be careful.

For the second group, it should be easy, because you are “able” to put weight on the pedal at just the right moment. However, it’s not a slam dunk because there is a “slight rotation” that you may rely upon during free mounting. The “slight rotation/forward motion” is what you must “prevent” if you are trying to get into a static bunny hop standing position. If not, you must rise up “rapidly/quickly” into the bunny hop.