Simple Unicycle Trick #2

In an effort to add more spice to this channel, and to give more support to my unicycle students. I have created this request line calling all advanced riders show me that “it can be done” with a video submission. If you can

Gracias amigos and Hello World!!

Trick #2:
Can anyone do a “wheel walk” off a sidewalk curb, land safely and keep riding?

Well, maybe not so simple, but I’m thinking Mr. Vogels, Mr. Brill, Mr. Sebben and all aussie riders will be showing this trick very soon.


I only have one street part so far but it has a couple of curbs in there if you’re interested in that stuff! U just have to get through a small flat intro first :stuck_out_tongue: ÉQUINOXE | IVAR CHRISTENSON - YouTube


Ivar, that is amazing “super hero” riding. I see what you did at 1:40-1:42. You bunny hopped and landed on a platform about a foot up with only hands on saddles(legs off pedals), and then you drop off and land same way.

You need to re-title that video with the word “unicycle” so the rest of us can watch it and also to “bump off” the stupid EUC’s that high jack our video titles.

Keep on. In meantime, I want to see other “non-super hero” unicycle riders do this “simple trick”.

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