Simple, solid, and smooth

Here’s the final setup of my 29er for Mt Washington. It has a great simple feeling to it, and rides very solidly and smoothly. It’s pretty slow for anything other than an insanely steep hill, but thats the whole point. Thanks to Livewire unicycles for the wheel build and other components.

The race is tomorrow! I’m heading up to NH today, since the race starts at 7:30 AM. I’ll post a report in a couple days.



did you weld those cranks on

Smoke 'em, Ben.



Kick some butt up there. Don’t forget warm clothes for the top. It’ll be easy. (Yeah right!)

Time to beat - 2:18 (unless AspenMike gets there before you)

good luck!
how long are those crank arms?

Here are the full specs:

170mm Kooka cranks.
Azonic A-frame pedals.
700c Sun Ryno Lite rim.
Big Apple 29x2.0 tire. Chromo hub.
Modified Semcycle frame.
GB4 universal seatpost.
Bedford unicycles seat post clamp
CF seat base.
GB4 handle.
KH seat cover with airseat and myata foam.

Thanks for the support!



Sounds like a dream setup w/that Stockton wheel. I know (first hand) you’ll be glad you went with the longer cranks.

Might want to think about rain gear.

The summit forcast for tomorrow

Tomorrow: In the clouds with the chance of showers and thunderstorms
Highs: Near 50F
Wind: South 20-45 mph

Think about knee warmers and a rain jacket.

Also, some good pre-race advice from the tinmtn hillclimb forum:

I ride a much crappier version of this setup every day. And it’s still an awesome cycle. The Big Apple is like floating once you get into a groove.

Good luck, and have fun!

How long ago did you start building this?

Are we talking about mount washinton on Vancouver Island?


No - Mt. Washington, NH

It’s a hill climb race that attracts some of the top cyclists in the world. Three members of this forum will be riding their unis in the race, which is tomorrow AM.